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Monday, January 15, 2007

Yesterday morning was a morning like no other. At around 4:00, a man got shot.....right by our steps!! It started when my sis and I heard this man pounding on the door. He broke in and this woman started screaming and we heard all kinds of noises. A window broke. Then we heard 4 gun shots! Next thing I knew, a car sped off. Of course I was very scared. My mother called 911. A few minutes later, we looked out side and a man was sitting there moaning with blood all over him. My mother told us to get back inside and she called the police again and told them what we saw. Then she called my dad. It was a few minutes later that we saw a car come. We thought it was the same car that sped off. We peeked outside of the window and it was my dad. What a relief. The man that got shot was downstairs from us right by the steps. When my dad saw him, he knew not to move him. We heard the sirens in the distance. My dad was talking to him and tried to comfort him, letting him know that help was on the way. Moments later the police, firetruck and Ambulence arrived. The paremedics were working on him, but to no prevail. He died right there. Apparently, what lead to the shooting was a love triangle. The man that died was the girl's new boyfriend and the one that shot him was her ex-boyfriend. The man was shot 4 times in the groin. I believe that the ex was intentionally there to scare her but when he saw she there with her new boyfriend he....well, you know. The girl avoided 1 gunshot but diving through her window.

All this ended at around 6:30 AM. That is when the news crew came. Channels 46, 11, 2 and 5. The only thing left to do is pour bleach over the leftover blood by our stairs. Last night was not a good one for me. All of this kept spilling into my head.
It was all so tragic. Thanks God the baby wasn't there. (2 years old).

What a great day to remember Martin Luther King with all this still on my brain. Feh. At least you all can rest easy. ^^


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