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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!
Today is my birthday!!

I have a question. Is it true that your birthday is the time you were born?
If thats the case, the I officially turn 14 at 10:57 tinight.

OMG! I just got a Zen Nano Plus MP3 player!! O__O

Ok, I have to go, sorry I can't type more.

No video today


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Monday, July 3, 2006

Hey all. Tomorrow is a special day! Yes, Independence Day, but also my birthday!! YAY! I will be turning 14!

My mom's anniversary was not as expected for her. We all went to a family reunion. More than half of whom I didn't know.

At the reunion, I decided to stay inside because of all the bugs and little kids. For some reason....I don't like little kids. They just....bug me.

My dad, the "surpriser", told me that that wasn't for their Anniversary. He took us to the Reunion to throw my mother off from what he really wanted to take her. He has told me yet. I'm still trying to pry it out of him. Useless..... -.-

If you have anything.....random....to talk about, I'd love to read about it! lol

Have a great day! ^^

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Today is my mother's 7th anniversary!!!
I still don't know what we are doing. My dad relieved me of my duty to find something for them to do, so I am completely clueless. What ever they decide to do, I hope they have fun! ^^

Yesterday was a special day for me. My dad came home! And on top of that, at night we actually had some family time! We sat down together and watched "Madea Goes to Jail". It was so funny. Very rare do we have our dad sit down with us and watch a movie with us. That's why it was special to me. :)

It seemed that mainly everyone liked the Bush as a monkey pic! lol
I couldn't resist putting is up. To tell the truth....I think the monkey looked the best! LOL!
The little kitty that was at the bottom was so KAWAII! ^^

I may not be able to get to many sites today because we might do something family-wise for my mom and dad's anniversary. If I don't get by your site, I apologize.

I decided to put up a cute video today, so if you don't like it....TOUGH LUCK ^^

Have a nice day!

Ps. About the concert. Remember I said that I had picture and videos from the concert that I went to? Please go to my sister's site (link at the top of the page) to see the pictures and watch the videos if you want. Arigato!

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Thanks to all who understood my post yesterday. I feel much better! ^^
My dad came home last night, or should I say 4:00 this morning. Something in my roaming mind told me to get up. I got up and the light in the living romm was one. I thought something freaky was going on because yesterday I talked to my dad on the phone and he said that he'll be here in 3 days. I popped my head out and he was just standing there. I thought I was seeing things so I went into the bathroom and washed my face.
I came back and he was gone. So I went back to bed. The next minute my mom screamed and I fell off of my bed (yes it hurt lol) and my dad scared her. He can do some freaky things, which is one of the reasons why I'm scared of him. lol
You'll never know when he'll just....POP up! lol

Since my mom's anniversary is on the 1st of July, my sister, dad and I are deciding to surprise her. We are trying to find some tickets to something she might love. So in other words, we don't know what is perfect for her...yet.

On my birthday, we are planning on participating in the PeachTree Road Race. Before you say "Oh, you're doing to run, or walk. Good for you!", that's wrong. We are only handing out t-shirts at the end, maybe one day, we might.....walk. lol

Ok, along with a video, I decided to put up some pictures. I couldn't resist!!

Funny Videos
Funny Videos

Funny Videos
Funny Videos

Funny Videos
Funny Videos

Funny Videos
Funny Videos

Funny Videos
Funny Videos

And here's the video!


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

First off, I must apologize for not visiting everyone yesterday. The only excuse I have was that I was asleep. Sorry. I was dead tired yesterday for some reason. I couldn't even watch my Naruto episodes. Before I went to sleep, I only made it to episode 71.

I managed to get that annoying box from around my post. Huzzah! I was just messing around and poof! I wonder what else on this site I could mess around with.

Here is the video for today.

I recall something similar like that in Biology class, except, it was the teacher.

I'll also try to get by sites today! No sleepy until 12:00-y! lol


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This was a late post. I went with my sister to her summer program thingie.
On my way back I decided to stop off at the local Kroger to get some junk food. ^^
I got a great deal too. Everthing was on sale! lol
I had to take my crutch because I didn't know whether or not my knee would have its little moment. Its so annoying to take those things. I felt like an old woman. People kept staring. It was like they never saw anyone with crutches before! I can't stand it when people stare. It's number 4 on my list of "Things that Bug me".

I won't be doing much today, maybe the same thing I did yesterday. I will be watching some Naruto episodes. So far I'm on episode 69. Yes, I am going ahead because I always forget naruto when it comes on on Saturdays. I may also watch some Bleach episodes.

Here is another random funny video.

Ouch! And he seemed sk confident....


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thank you to everyone who wished for my leg to get better! Now it has! Thanks a lot. ^___^

I was able to go on my ride today. Yay.
While on the ride, my suspicions were indeed correct. That foul odor was coming from a dead animal. Not sure what animal though. It smells worse than ever now. We might re-think about going that route.
A lot of people seemed to like the Southpark videos that I put up yesterday. I thought that the Full Metal Alchemist one was very funny.
I might consider putting up a video each day, depending on what I find.

Out of complete randomess, here's my AMV!

TTFN! ^^

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Today I'm supposed to be riding with my mom. But my blasted leg stopped me from doing so. Yesterday, my bad knee had popped, and I had to rely on my crutches again.

About a few months ago, I dislocated my knee while running in gym class. I had to go to the hospital afterwards. Even my gym teacher saw that something "bad" had happened because he's had several knee/leg surgery. With some painful messaging back in place, some crutches and a immobilizer/cast, I would be on my way to recovery. It took about a month or 2 to be able to stand up and walk without th use of my crutches.

Anyway, ummm, my knee popped yesterday which caused my knee extreme pain, so I had to use my crutches all day. Today is no different. It would seem that the pain carried over from last night to now. Its gone down a bit, but I can still feel the pain. Darn leg....

That was pretty much my weekend, worrying about my damn knee. XP
Hopefully it will heal better on in the day! ^^

Have a nice day!


Here are some South Park Videos. CONTAIN: HARSH LANGUAGE! ^^

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today's post is pretty random. I don't really have anything to say so... I guess I'll just ask you guys a random question.

Random Question

Who wants cookies? ^^


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Friday, June 23, 2006

I just got back from riding around the block with my mother about 15 minutes ago. It was a lot different than the last time we went. We usually go riding every other day. Today, while riding, we smelled something very foul. Like a line of deceased animals. Not to mention I was almost hit by a car.
I was riding within the so called "saftey" of the white line. This car didn't even slow down or--*runs to get oatmeal*-- move over in the other lane (there where no cars coming the other direction. I mean i litterally felt the car rub against me! I yelled out a bad word. Surprisingly, my mother didn't say anything. I guess she knew how I felt. I did apologize, but she said that it was ok.
The whole way around we smelled the foul odor. We even smelled Some Lunchables (the crackers and bologna*?* kind) oO
We even saw some dogs with their rear ends towards each other. oO
Whatever they were doing, it looked like they were enjoying it!

Now, you have prevented me from eating my oatmeal!! Grrrr.

Have a nice day! ^^

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