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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I see you all found the pictures to be funny. That's good! ^^
However, there aren't any today. I couldn't find any worth being posted.

Last, no, I think it was 2 nights ago, there was a big fight in the neighborhood. The police came and whooo. I don't have friends around this neighborhood, and now, I definately dont want them. Tsk tsk tsk.

I start school on the 14th. I'm actually a bit glad to go back. I want to see my friends.

Here's a pic of my crazy crew. Don't let the smiles fool you.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Notice I am not in the picture. I don't like to take pictures.

I can't wait to see them! I have all of my things. My dad gave me a planner thing. I've decided, for my own privacy to put everything in Japanese! Only I can understand it (at my school at least). Mwah ha ha haa ha! Mwah ha [chokes]--, I think I'll leave the eveil(yes) laugh to the professionals. ^.~

Interesting fact about me

I'm a cat person

About you

What is your ideal type pet?

Ok, I bid you adieu.

Tty tomorrow, or today....which ever one.


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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

This is a late post, so.......
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment! ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And a video.......

Hope you enjoyed it! LOL.

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Monday, August 7, 2006

I notice something over the weekend. I'm 14 now in 10th grade, that means I graduate at 16. That is, as long as I keep up with my grades. Wow.

Over the weekend I went *in high girl pitch* SHOPPING! *giggles* Ok, that has to stop. Yes, Tax-Free is the best time to go shopping. I went to the nearest Ross (which was 1 hr 20 by car). I got a pair of jeans a shirt some shoes a skirt, another pair of jeans and some more shoes. After shopping for clothes, we went shopping for school supplies. I only bought 3 packs of paper and a box of mechanical pencils.

Then we went to best Buy. I saw a couple of anime. Their collection was not that good. I saw the Wolf's Rain Box set, Yu Yu Hakusho Box Set, and Azumanga Diaoh Boxset; each out of my buget. -__-

But wait! A bright side! I did get 2 of my favorite child DVDs. Quest for Camelot......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

.....and The King and I. The cartoon musical. Oh, the memories. xp

OH, my sister has her new layout on her site. Unfortuantley, she can't help me with mine because I guess mine is more than what she did with hers. *shruggs*
If you can please stop by her site and check it out! ^^ (The link is at the top of my site)

Anyway, here's the...

Interesting fact about me that you may or may not find interesting

My favorite genre(s) of movie is Comedy/Horror/Sci-fi/Action

About you

What is your favorite movie genre(s)?

Well, that's all the time I have.



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Friday, August 4, 2006

Hey you all. Sorry for my long absence. My dad came home which meant "No time on the computer" until he leaves. I couldn't even visit. I asked him if I could but everytime it was "Oh, I'm still using the computer", or just plain "No". So I'm really sorry.

My dad is really disapointing me. He keeps promising things but when I ask him about it, its out of the question. *sighs*

While on my "break" I watched the new DVDs that my dad brought home. UltraViolet was one of them. I thought it was a good movie. Some of the fight scene seemed kind of fake to me because you couldn't really see how they actually defeated the enemy.
Later on today, I plan on watching UnderWorld Evolution. The 1st one interested me so I figure, heck, I'll watch the second one! Lol.

Once again, I had no sleep. It's been like this all week. You can give "The Nocturnals" credit for that. As you know, nocturnals are basically night creatures. We happen to have night people. They stay out near the area where my bedroom is and make all kinds of noises. I want to yell "Shut the hell up, so I can sleep!", but fear of being cursed out prevents me. They always get into arguments and thats when guns start to fly off. No one gets hurt though, but its the fact that they are shooting. I'm starting to get scared of living here.

Ok, I will visit today! Again I'm sorry for not visiting. I am going riding with my mom.

Interesting fact about me that you may or may not find interesting

My favorite food is Lasagna

Things about you

What is your favorite food?



What would you like to know about me?

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thank you guys so much for still visiting me even though I couldn't visit you! *huggs* ^^

Heh. Not really much to talk about. Oh wait! I have a question for any of you who knows the answer. When you are putting a layout on your site, how do you get it to actually fit like a layout? I know you are supposed to put it in the post styles, but it doesn't seem to be working.

I got a late birthday card from my Aunt in Virginia with a 20 in it! Yay! Hmm... I wonder what to spend it on. I'll ponder upon that later. Lol.

Here is a funny video starring the President.
Click Here> To see it!

Interesting fact about me that you may or may not find interesting

My worst subject it Math

Not that I'm bad at it, I just don't like it.

Things about you

What is/was your worst subject in school?

Well, I have nothing more to talk about.

Thus, the end of my post!


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Monday, July 31, 2006

Howdy doo everybody!

Boy, we've had a lot of publicity over in the area of my neighborhood. Over the week we've had Channel 11, 46,2 and Fox 5 news over here. It's about some sewage problem and something about the sewage backing up into the apartment. Man, am I glad I don't live over there. Some news guy from Channel 46 news comes over to my part of the neighborhood and tried to ask people if they knew anything about what was going on. I was outside at the time and all of a sudden the camera man points his camera over to me and says "hi there!". I didn't want to be on T.V. Mainly because I was in my pajamas(this was around 9:00) and I was eating a cookie, which was "delishous", at the time. Lol. He ointed it toward me and I walk inside. Lol.
Seriously. Come on. If you were in your nightclothes and had a cookie in yout mouth, would you want to be on T.V?

Also, over my weekend I was working on a layout. This is the first layout that I've ever worked on, so you may not see it for quite a while. I find them hard....because I'm knew to this. Lol.

I won't be visiting sites today. As a matter of fact, I can't go on the computer today, because my mom says we need to give the computer a break. Typing this post was an exception though. ^^'
I apologize for this. Hopefully I will be able to visit tomorrow!

Interesting Fact about me that you may or may bot find interesting

I find myself to be accident prone. As a matter of fact, I am accident prone.

I've had so many injuries in my life. I shall share one with you. Don't laugh. Ok, here it is! *says fast* I once burnt my forehead on a toaster! (Don't ask) Lol.

Things about you

Do you consider yourself to be accident prone?



Tell me your answers if you decide to watch it! ^^

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I didn't have anything to talk about yesterday, therefore didn't post. I did still visit sites, which is still good, right? ^^

Yesterday I was searching youtube. I found some funny commercials starring Gackt. He's so silly.

I played a lot of GTA yesterday. I'll keep this short. I finished the part in Los Santos, and I am now on the other part! Huzzah! Still, I am afraid I am nowhere near beating the game. *shakes head*

This is a short post.....

Interesting fact(s) about me that you may of may not find interesting

I am from Bermuda, and my favorite color is blue!

About you

What is your favorite color?

Whoa......deja vu. Didn't I ask this question already?

See you later......well, I won't actually see you. Hmmm....ttyl.....well, I won't actually talk to you either.....GAH!


Gackt as a weather man

Gackt Dressing Up

Gackt falls of stage

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I dunno, weird things are happening......
Yesterday while washing my face I found something out of the usual. I found some blond hair coming out of my roots. I'm a brunette. My sister found red in her hair a while ago as well. And as far as know, no one in my family has ever had blond or red hair. My mom is clueless too. Freaky.
o_O *plays dramatic music*

Another weird thing happenend yesterday. I was thinking about having "bagettis" for dinner, and at dinner time there was "bagettis"! I must be psychic! Wooooo! Let me predict something else. Tonight we'll have pizza....from Pizza Hut! *nods*

No GTA talk today, I don't want to bore you guys! ^^

Ok....hmm.....um....waht else to talk about? Nothing I guess. ^.~

And with nothing else to talk about, I shall end my post!

Interesing fact about me that you may or may not find interesting
There are 2 today!

My favorite word, if you recall, is "Huzzah"!
"Bagettis" is a word my granmother uses to say Spaghetti. Funny huh?

About you

What is your favorite word?
Is there someone in your family or someone you know that does something similar to what my granmother does? (Boy that was long)

See you around!


Here's a video I found funny!

George Bush is Drunk

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Monday, July 24, 2006

As for today, me and my mother have decided not to go riding today. That smell is just to much.

I haven't really done anything over the weekend. Just basically playing my games and watching anime.

Every day from Monday-Thursday at 12:00, we have what is called "Animidnight". New anime that I haven't seen comes on. I managed to see the last 3
On Saturday, Eiken came on. Didn't like it one bit. After the first 5 minutes, I turned it off.
To me, it's basically for perverts(if you are one, I don't mean to offend you). I don't really want to gross you out, so that's it for that. ^^

Also on Saturday, I recovered some old anime movies that I didn't know I had. Tenchi Muyo Forever, and Tenchi in Love. I don't recall watching them. Wow. After deeply cleaning my room I find 2 anime movies. I wonder what else I could find. It's not like my room is nasty or dirty. *shurggs* So, I watched them, naturally. Lol.
I found that they are also shown on youtube in english.

I might play some more GTA today. Somehow, I've gotten addicted to the game. I actually did some missions. Lol. Before, I just used to go around doing anything. I still have a long way to go. Lol.

Interesting fact about me that you may or may not find find interesting
(I may have to change that title)

My least favorite foods are peas, lima beans, cantalope, pumpkin......and so on. And mayo. Eww. the list is endless

About you

What are your least favorite foods?



Megumi Hayashibara- Get Along. Opening Song to Slayers

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Ever smelled something that smells like a baby soiled himself and the parent is too dense to change him? Yeah. If you don't know what it smells like.....IMAGINE IT!! That's what it's like when I go riding with my mom. We might just stop riding and do something else because that smell is just too unbearable. And the people aren't doing anything about it. We don't know the area well enough to just pick another route. It's dangerous nowadays.

GTA: San Andreas
(you don't have to read this if you don't want)

Anywho, I played GTA: San Andreas. Just basically playing aroud. I tryed some cheats I thought might be fun. I spawned a Hydra Fighter Jet, and a Stuntplane. I had no clue how to work the Stuntplane (Jet was pretty easy). I used my Jetpack to get me to the tallest building I could find, spawned the Stuntplane and watched as I fell off of the building. Lol. I got 'Wasted' a few times before I learned how to steer it. Yay! XP
I've also been going around killing gang members. It's actually pretty fun.....until I get killed, that is.
I hijacked a train and went to a forbidden part of the game. I ended up getting 4 stars on the wanted level. While trying to escape back to the Grove, I accidently killed another police officer(Don't ask), and got 5 stars. Yeah, I gave up and let them catch me. Now I know never to go there again. Lol.


I went shopping yesterday with my mom and sister. I usually don't like to partake in shopping, but this time was actually fun. We tried on a bunch of clothes. I saw these really cute black jeans that had my favorite looney toons characters on it. Sylvester and Road Runner. Ah, you thought i was going to say Bugs, huh?

I am, well, me and my mother are thinking of adopting a little kitten.

Here's some pictures of them. We aren't sure yet, but I'm already attached to them! ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This one is so kawaii! (Looks kind of mischevious)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Which one do you like? It can help narrow our choice! ^^

Here's my AMV that I made!

I put the little Stewie interlude because I love Stewie! ^^

And here's the video for today!
Title: Tackey and Tsubasa get a Painful Foot Massage.

Interesting Fact about me that you may or may not find interesting

I can't cook to save my life!

About You

Can you cook? If you can, what's your specialty?

ttyl friends!


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