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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I"M SORRY FOR NOT VISITING YESTERDAY!! (You must get tired of this)
I was bunched with so much homework! Most of it from my Chemistry and A.A. Trig class(es). I tried to to it beforehand like I said yesterday, but it wasn't enough.

On my other tests, I made a 94 on my French, 83 in PRG.Sys.Management, and a 68 in Chemistry:(. I guess Chemistry isn't my strong point. I'll do better next time! ^__^

A questions was asked about that boy who kept 0_0.
Did I blush?....No. I find it rather annoying, so I wouldn't blush to something like that. ^_^ Maybe if he was cute.....

Ummm....that's it for now.

Fact about me]

I'm 5'3.

Short, yes, I know.

About you

How tall are you?
Are you short too? o_O



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Monday, September 18, 2006

Hi everyone! ^_^

Remember my so-called-friend? Yeah. She started talking to me the day after the argument, as if nothing ever happened. She's trying to act like she's my best friend. AS IF! I try to ignore her.

I've been taking my 5 week assessment tests. So far I have taken my tests from Computer Applications, French, Language Arts, World History, and Program System Managment. So far I know I made a 100 on my Computer Applications test! YAY!!! I was so happy! I'm doing much better! Lol.

In 3 months
This is a bit early to be saying this. It's just that I'm so excited! I've gotten word that some of my family from Bermuda will be coming over here to visit for Christmas!! I can't wait!! I haven't seen them in over 7 years. We're already deciding on what to cook. xp

Something Random
Did anyone see Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo?

Everyday when I am on my way to school (I catch the bus), there is this boy (about 15-16) who just stares at me, like 0_0. Its annoying. I'm just glad that I get on before him. I sit in the back and by the time he gets on he has to stand in the front.

Some of my friends keep telling me that I should go with this guy. That we'll make a good couple. No. Sure he's funny, and smart....a bit cute, but he's on of my good friends. I've known him since 3rd grade, and I dont' want to stop being friends. I keep telling them that I only want to remain friends. It'll just be.....awkward. Don't you think?

Oh yeah. I', sorry for not being able to visit anyone. I've got this new thing. I'll do my homework early so that I can visit you guys. What'cha think? ^_^

Fact about me]

When I was little I was crazy over the Spice Girls.

It's a shame they stopped. *sings* If you wanna be my lover.....

About you

If you can remember, what were you crazy about when you were little?



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Monday, September 11, 2006

Today is the 5-year Anniversary of Sept. 11. Please say a little prayer for those who lost their lives on that fateful day. *bows head*

Today is also my mother's birthday. She is going to IHop with some frineds while me and my sister go to school. Can you believe that?


Ok, I didn't get to post like I planned to on Friday. Sorry about that.

All week when I went to bed, I had this bad dream. A big, ugly scary nurse who resembled Cousin It was chasing me down a long corridor with a BIG Needle!!! You know how I detest needle. If you didn't know, you know now. So, this was a bad dream for me. It reminded me of that episode on Dragonball Z when Goku was running from a needle. Sharp pointy thing....

My teachers at school are starting to show their true colours which is really scaring me. First impressions my a-- actually, only one of the teacher is the same. Ms. Brown. She's a very short lady, and fun too, but strict at the same time.

Okay, one of my friends...whom I wouldn't really call a friend, let's say associate, is mad at me. Reason being is because I told her to shut up. Okay, listen, it wasn't my fault. I was talking to one of my good friends, when she comes in and starts catching an attitude. It really bugs me when people get attitude at me and start popping off at the mouth at me for no apparent reason. I was already getting tired of her. I continued my conversation while she was just standing there. Then, I averted my attention to her. I told her about herself, which she didn't like. Then, she curses at me. I told her to shut up. I don't really like to use "adult language". She walked off and I told her to have a nice day.
I guess she thought that just because I'm quiet, I won't say anything back. Ha ha ha. Boy, was she wrong. I really don't have time for people like that. Yep. Soon she'll start talking to me again, but I won't pay it any attention.

Ok. Sorry about nagging.

I'm on my way to school now!


Fact about me]

I have a bamboo tree/stalk, I call Jethro.

I don't know why I named a bamboo stalk.

About you

Do you or have you ever named something that doesn't talk?



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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

School again
Well, I'm off to school today. See you all later!

Dog Walk

A little girl asked her Mom, "Mom, may I take the dog for a walk around the
block?" Mom says, "No, because the dog is in heat." "What does that mean?" asked the child. "Go ask your father. I think he is in the garage."

The little girl went to the garage and asked "Dad, may I take Susie for a walk around the block? I asked Mom, but she said that Susie was in heat, and to come talk to you."

Dad said, " Bring Susie over here" He took a rag, soaked it with gasoline, and scrubbed the dog's rear-end with it and said, "Okay, you can go now, but keep Susie on the leash and only go one time around the block." The little girl left, and returned a few minutes later with NO DOG on the leash.

Dad asked, "Where is Susie?"

The little girl said, "She will be here in a minute, she ran out of gas about halfway down the block and another dog is pushing her home."

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Monday, September 4, 2006

Labour Day!
Happy Labour Day to everyone!

Hmmm.....I really don't have much to say today.....

I haven't done this in a while..

Fact about me

I have 2 cats.

About you

How many pets do you have? What kind of pets are they?

I tell you one thing, I would not want a cat like this..

I can't believe this cat was up for adoption.

Here is another video. Watch it if you want.

Shocking News Today!

The crocodile hunter Steve Irwin was pronounced dead today.

Here is the full story.

"On 4 September 2006, Irwin was fatally pierced in the heart by a stingray barb, while diving off Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. He had been filming a segment for his daughter Bindi's upcoming television series. Irwin was in the area filming his own documentary, to be called Ocean's Deadliest, but weather had stalled filming. Irwin decided to take the opportunity to film some shallow water shots for his daughter's programme. The BBC reported that this was only the second known fatality in Australian history from a stingray attack, while The Age lists it as the third.

Shortly after 11:00 a.m. local time (01:00 UTC), Irwin was filming off the shores of Low Isles, Queensland, near Port Douglas and north of Cairns, where he was stung either through his heart, or through the left side of his chest. After he was stung, emergency services were called from Cairns Rescue Base and met Croc One, Irwin’s rescue vessel at Low Isle on the Great Barrier Reef. The Croc One crew performed constant CPR during the thirty-minute dash to Low Isle. The Queensland Rescue Helicopter responded, taking him to Cairns Base Hospital, where Irwin was pronounced dead on arrival at noon. He was not killed by the sting itself but from a puncture to the heart in turn causing cardiac arrest. The Queensland Police Service notified his family and released a statement for the media concerning his death. News of his death prompted a public outpouring expressing shock and loss. Several Australian news websites went down due to high web traffic and talk-back radio experienced a high volume of callers expressing their grief, commemorating his passion and exuberance. Prime Minister John Howard, among many other politicians, expressed his "shock and distress" at the death, saying that "Australia has lost a wonderful and colourful son.” Steve Irwin's body was flown to a morgue in Cairns, where stunned family and friends were gathering on Monday night. His wife Terri was told of her husband's death while on a walking tour in Tasmania, and returned to the Sunshine Coast with their two children."

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Friday, September 1, 2006

Happy 1st of the month everybody! ^_^

School has been going a lot better. Oh yeah, about my friend who eats McDonalds everyday, she stopped, and is not going out to Red Lobster or Ruby Tuesdays every night. I odn't know which is worst. I don't think she got the message I was trying to give to her. "STOP EATING MCDONALD EVERYDAY!"


Boy, youtube seems worse than Myspace, or at least the same.
One of my good friends that I made on there says that this girl comes on harassing her and she didn't even do anything. The girl leaves rude comments, I mean RUDE comments, on my friends profile. I went to this girl site, read her comments and found that she is one of the most hated person on youtube. The messages people were leaving her were just.....I don't know, I guess she has been nasty to everyone she meets on youtube, even random people. I'm just glad she hasn't come by my channel.

Also on youtube, I've been uploading, which surprisingly doesn't take a lot of time, some videos. YOu know where to go if you want to check them out.

My username is : SesshoumarusJuliet.

I've also been tyring to upload some Eyeshield 21. A lot of people on youtube ask me if I can upload it for them. I almost had it, but my computer cannot read .rmvb files. DARN!

Well, today is friday, I'll try to see if I can stop by! ^_^

Again, Happy 1st of the month!

That's it for now!


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Monday, August 28, 2006

HI you guys! Man, school has been hectic these first couple of weeks, what, with me being in a new grade an all. Sorry I haven't been on. I did manage to visit a few people.

The 1st week I was bombarded with HOMEWORK!!!!
I don't think I'll get a break for awhile.

Remember McDonalds Lady? Yeah, she didn't like me much because I wasn't afraid of her. I knew she didn't like me, so I went to say Hello to her. LOL. You should have seen the look on her face. It was like her sub-conscious was saying "Get the hell away from me you ###^^@*%" LOL. Me and my friend got a kick out of that.

I shoud be getting my locker today! Yes! You wouldn't believe how big they books are this year.

After school everyday, while I'm on the way to the library, one of my friends goes to get McDonalds. EVERYDAY! I told her that McDonalds everyday is bad for her. My other friend said that she was going to die with a hamburger in her mouth if she didn't stop. She is already on the big side. Her responce? " At least I'll die Happy!"

.......yeah.....that's not really a good outake she shoud have.

Anyway, I shall be on my way to the "ecoonomically set death-trap", as my friend says, is school.




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Friday, August 18, 2006

HI you guys! I don't have time to make a real post. Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about you. Hopefully I'll be able to visit this afternoon and during the weekend! ^^



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Monday, August 14, 2006

Ay yi yi yi yi!
Well, school starts for me today. I'm kind of excited to see my friends and my new teachers. But mostly my friends! [chuckles]
Unfortunatley, you probably won't see me as much as you did over this summer. I'm kind of sad about that, but my studies come first. I'll still try to visit now and again. You can't blame me can you? I'll be taking Advanced Algebra & Trig. I'm definatley not looking forward to that. [sighs]

Activity Time Answer!

Can you guess this celebrity

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here's the shocking answer!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lil' John.

Yes. I was shocked as well when I found this out. Lol. Come to think of it.....have you ever seen him without his shades/glasses?

On Saturday I went up to the nearest store to get some food for school because I refuse to eat the school's putrid lunches. The Korean lady that owns the store was making fun of this drunk lady. It was so funny. Lol.

We (me and my mother) made a cake yesterday too. Just the regular, but still good! She's kind of sad that we won't be doing our morning riding again, and she's now afraid to go by herself. Remember...the world is dangerous. So, she'll just go walking up the way we're used to.

Just because I can...

Here's a picture of my Kilala Plushie!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She's so cute!

Money Shirt

This, I made from the link lordsesshomaru put on his site.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yes, I actually made it. It took a while. A long while, just to get it done, and it's still not done perfectly, but who cares. I had some trouble with the collar part, but again, who cares? ^__^

Interesting fact about me

My favorite candy is the famous Reese's Cup! Yumm!

About you

What is you favorite candy?

Now, with nothing else further to discuss, I shall end this post, and be on my way to school.


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Friday, August 11, 2006

I am sorry I didn't visit anyone yesterday. My internet was out, due to the thunderstorm we had.
We had to have the Bellsouth people come over and restore it (our phones were out too at the time). One man came and, I guess, he didn't know what he was doing. He kept walking in an out and in an out. Not to mention tracking dirt in the house! Then he called someone else to help him out, and he tracked dirt right along with him. Now, we had 2 clueless men in the house. *shakes head* It took them long enough, because when they did one thing, something else went wrong. Finally after about an hour or 2, they finished their job. Oh, one of them, I actually caught in my room (they were supposed to be doing their job) watching T.V. As soon as I walked in he jumped and started back at his work.

They had the nerve to give us their card and told us call them anytime. Yeah right......

Activity Time

Can you guess what celebrity this is?

The answer will be revealed Monday! ^^

Well, my dad left today. Boo hoo.

I got news from one of my friends on here that my layout won't work because of the HTML or something like that. I was so mad, because I spent so much time on it. Well, now they are helping me out, so it isn't a big letdown.

Here a video I found on youtube. It is for lordsesshomaru, who said that his ideal pet would be one who could use the toilet. Lol

I hope you get a kick out of it! Lol. Boy....youtube would put anything on there.

That's it! I shall waste your time no longer!

Interesting fact about me

The most "boring-est" book I've ever read was "The Gammage Cup".

About you

What is the worst book you've read, if you've read any?


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