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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Yayness! Yesteday, our test results came in for my Literature test. I got an 82!!! I think I was the 4th highest. This is really a short post, because nothing else exciting heppened yesterday, and the only think I plan to do today is go to school. Afterwards, I plan to catch bugs. (science project)
Does anyone know where you can find some?



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Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Nickname.......Exahauted..........Club.......HOMEWORK
Yesterday at school, I attained a new nickname. My many crazy anime fan friends were making anime names to call each other. It just so happened that when I walked in, they said that I could be Sakura from Naruto! NOOOOOOO!!! I asked them why do I have to be Sakura. Out of all of the other names, why her? They said because I have a huge forehead like Sakura. *shrinks into distance* My forehead is not that big.....

Yesterday, after school, we caught the bus home. I had my card to get on the bus and put it in my wallet. I put my wallet in my pocket instead of putting it in my purse. I was so tired, I fell asleep on the bus. I woke up from time to time and noticed that the same man that was sitting by me when I first got on the bus was staring at me while I slept. It felt kind of weird. When I got off of the bus, I did my self check and found that my wallet was gone!! I asked my sister if she had it because sometimes I would give it to her for safe keeping. I didn't remember because I was sleep. When I thought about it, that man!! he took my wallet out of my pocket! I knew that the bus would take a 10 minute break up the hill. I was already tired from school and now, doing the responsible thing, took off all of my belonging and gave them to my sister, and started to run up the hill. To me, it felt like Till's Hill back in Bermuda (originally from. if you want, you can look at the hill on google, though I don't know if it will work)
My air started to tighten when I'm only halfway up the hill. Ok,....all the way up the hill, I see that the bus is still there. I got on it and the man handed my wallet to avoid trouble. I noticed that he had been through it. He took some change out of it, and I asked for it back. (he thought I didn't notice)
Back down the hill, I started my way back home.

Ok, I have to go to my club meeting. Then I have to do homework, so my day is pretty much booked.
I'll try to visit!



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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hello to all my fellow MyOtakians!
Sorry I was not able to update or visit sites. I have been studying for this rigorous test. It is called the EOCT. I am sure that many of you have heard of this test. The course I was taking was for Biology. I am pretty sure that I will pass, but just in case, me and friends made a cheating system. Shocked, yes I know. Well, maybe not too shocked. The only reason we decided to do this is because our “Nutty the Nut Gay Teacher” doesn’t teacher us anything at all! We held up 1 finger for A, 2 for B, and I think you know where I am going with this. Overall, I think we did well! Lol
In other news, this boy got the spit slapped out of him. One of my friends, Coffee, slapped him because while she was walking down the hall, he tripped her and she had a medium sized cut on her head. When I asked her if he said that he was sorry, she said that he hadn’t. I guess the over-protective part of me took over and I confronted him myself. I would have approached him “un-mannerly like”, but instead I asked him politely to tell her that he was sorry. I guess you can say that I, as well as others, instigated this big slap. lol. He deserved it! He has been messing with all of my friends. He even took the head of my friend Khemmesse (pronounced “heh-mus”) and slammed it into the school bus for no reason! SOOOOO, we got him for that too. I told Coffee to slap him again for Khemmesse. After that second slap, I could see that he was going to say something to me. I gave him a look and he didn’t say a word. It was no special look. Just a regular look. (I guess he was intimidated?) hell, he should be.
I guess you can say that I have a deep concern for my friends and don’t like it when people mess with and/or hurt them. He knows better now. He knows that I don’t play when it comes to my friends. Yeah, um…. I don’t feel like making this post any longer.

I’ll let you all go. Ttyl
Wish me luck on my Literature part of the EOCT ( too much reading, I may fall asleep)


Oh, wait a minute, I am also in the process of submitting a wallpaper, and, get this: My first new fanart in 2 years! YAY! I will keep you all updated about when I actually decide to submit it!

Ok now you can go ^^

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

What a Horrible Day yesterday
You must forgive me for not updating in a while. I haven't had the time, with school and all.


Yesterday was horrible. I wasn't really feeling my best. I told my mother in the morning before I went to school, and she told me that she wants me to go to school and see if I can hold out, then call her. Everything went wrong as soon as I got onto the bus that takes us to school. I started to fell worse and worse. I got off of the bus to school and went straight to the nurse's clinic. I told her that I wasn't feeling well. She them told me to GO BACK TO CLASS, AND THAT IT WAS TOO EARLY TO BE SICK!

Question: Why would a nurse tell a person who isn't feeling well to go back to class? Is it ever too early to be sick? Does sickness have a time?

During class, my teacher saw that I was not doing well, so she told me that I could lay me head on the table. One of my friends told me that my face was turning purple. I was freezing in 75 degree weather....with 2 jackets on!
After class, I shivering my way down to the nurse's office. My favorite teacher spotted me down the hall and escorted me to the clinic...again. The nurse looked at me as if in her head, she was saying things like "You aren't sick, you just want to go home." She finally spoke and said, "What is wrong with you?" Before I could answer, my teacher told her that I was sick. The nurse told me to site down. I told her that I laid my head down on the desk, then she started fussing with me about how I should not place my head on the desk. My teacher got so tired of her. She went to call my mother. The nurse tried to call and found that she couldn't get through, looked at me and said "I bet Miss Thing has already tried to call your mother."

The next thing, I hear them arguing. Seems like they just put me aside to argue. (Wait a minute....isn't she supposed to checking on me?)
I then knew that since I came in with the teacher she detests, she wasn't going to check on me. My teacher grabbed me and said to the nurse "SCREW YOU!". The whole argument ended with a large slam of the door by my teacher that could be heard from a 30 mile radius! (exageration....a little too obvious?) Point is, it was loud enough to hear it from outside of the school. The teacher, whom I'm really getting tired of calling "the teacher", Ms. Dubois, took me in her room and let me lay down on the sofa. (yes she has a sofa....it is an art room). I laid there for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Sleeping. Still not feeling any better.

I waited for my mother to arrive, and she was so mad at the nurse. Anyway, I went home and went straight to bed. My mother got me some Ginger Ale. (for some reason, it made me feel alot better)

I am feeling much better, though there are little aftershocks of the sickness.

*looks up* uhh....sorry for the long post. I am currently working on a wallpaper. I'm not really good with Photoshop. I prefer Paintshop better. (are they the same?)

Well, I will be visiting sites today to make up for last week.


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Monday, April 17, 2006

Yeah....I didn't get to post this morning, because I kind of over-slept. ^^'
So I thought, why not post now? BTW, I just came home from school. It has been so tiresome.
Over the weekend(last) I had an assignment from lordsesshomaru's
favorite teacher, the McDonalds lady. (who else?)
We had to interview some one who has been around since the segregation. We also had to have it typed and recorded.
I chose to do my great-grandmother who was born in 1921. How old is she? Do the math. lol
One problem occurred though, I could not record it. I emailed her telling her so.
So in class, she asked me for me interview. Apparently, she thought I didn't do it at all. She made me stand up, saying in her nasly voice
"I'm gon' get you last. You just wait!" I was thinking "O Lord, what is this heifer gonna do now?" *sighs* Stood there for about 25 minutes and guess what.....she didn't even say a word to me! She just said to give her my paper.
Question: Why didn't she just do that from the beginning? I mean, that was just dumb, and a waste of my time. I don't know about her time, but mines was pretty much wasted.

I have a math test tomorrow which I should be studying. It is on Polynomials. I really hope I past. Math is not my strong point. ^^''
Wish me luck!

I may not get to visit sites today, due to that fact that I will be studying.
But before that, I think I'll go get a parfait from McDonalds up the street. ( I am supposed to be on a diet)

Well, I have to go!


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Minna-san!!
Today is Easter! Yay! Still not sure about what I plan to do. Maybe something will come up. I did plan to go to church today, but a wierd dream prevented me from getting up at the right time. In other words, I woke up late.

My dad came home yesterday. He isn't planning on staying with us today for Easter because he has a job that he needs to attend to. The thought comes across my mind: "Why can't he take off an extra day and actually spend time with us?", But that's my dad for you.

Thanks to all who went to visit my friend! I am sure that she will be happy! One thing has occured. She contacted me last night and told me that since she was suspended from school, he mom will not allow her onto the computer. Therefore, she might get to you late. She says that she is sorry about that.

Well, my plans for today, since I couldn't go to church, I guess I will play my games and go to sleep. While I am sleep, someone will call and ask if we could come over their house, therefore breaking my sleep, which makes me groggy, which will make them scared. lol

Hope everyone has a nice Easter! I will go visit sites now!


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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tomorrow is Easter! I can't wait. I'm not really sure what it is we will be doing though. I heard that my dad is stopping by to visit us today! Yay! i can't wait to see him! Oh yeah, one of my friends from school has recently joined MyO. Would you mind stopping by her site to give her a warm MyOtakian welcome? I am not really that good with links, but her name is xXxSesshoumaruxXx . She is on my friend's list. She is a huge Sesshoumaru fan, like myself. She is very nice....most of the time. lol
I have been helping her with her site, its still in progress though.

I would love to hear what you will be doing for Easter...if you celebrate it. ^^



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Friday, April 14, 2006

Unbelivable Drama!! (long)
Salut, tout le monde!! Sorry for now being able to post this morning, visit sites, and for not posting yesterday.

How have you been?

Today, something I would have thought would happen happened!! The "McDonalds Lady" actually share her food with the class!! 0__0
Everyone was shocked, including myself, when she said "I'm full...I don't normally do this, but I will let you have it." lol
At first she hesitated. I saw the way that she eyed us eating portions of her food. Just eyeing us with such envy. One of the portions that I had (yes, I had some) was Shrimp Jambalaya. It reminded me of my home...island. It was very good. Of course, she didn't cook it, otherwise, no one would have eaten it, and if they did, they would have regurgitated (I really dont know if that's spelled right, but then again, I dont care! lol) it in les than 5 minutes. I guess, that's why she orders take out all the time. No wonder she's so corpulent. lol

More Drama
Today, downtown at the train station, there was a big brawl. We had just come from McDonalds, seeing as it is Friday and mom doesn't cook.
(I can't cook to save my life) We heard a big crash. It sounded like, and was, bottles that had fallen. Everyone went to see what happend, including myself. The police were down there. Apparently, someone broke the beer bottles and threatend to stab this girl with it. He said that the girl was trying to fight him. Then, another boy came and told the guy with the bottle that he was going to help jump the girl. They got a few hits on her. Amazingly, the girl got back up and started swinging at the boys. Out of stupidity, or lack of brains? Both. lol
The police eventually broke it up, but one of the boys got away. He was considered to be armed and dangerous. Police were everywhere. They had tasers, and batons.

Even More Drama
I happend to see my friends at the train terminal. She said that while she was on the train, a man pulled out a gun on a man that was being "Miroku" with his girlfriend. Some one called, and even MORE police were invloved. The man slid the gun under another seat. The rest was left a mystery.

In conlusion....uggh...I sound like I am at school. This world is getting more dangerous by the day. People are getting more stupid about their actions by the day.I am glad that me and my friends were safe from harm's way. I will go and visit sites today for not doing so yesterday. I will also be working no my site a little more.

Please be safe, and have a wonderful day!


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Thursday, April 13, 2006

   OH NO!!
Something is wrong with my site! When I came to see the comments of my last post, I noticed that things where out of place. I went to my profile and all of my HTML codes where gone!! I coudn't believe it.

What happened? How did this happen? Why did it happen?....are questions I would like to know!

WAHHH!! Why me? I don't even remember any of my codes. So, I might be able to visit sites today, might not. If I don't, I am sorry. I am not intirely worried about it, for some reason. This has happened before in my earier time here. I still don't know what caused that!

My main goal is to restore my site to its rightful glory!

I also turned off my guestbook.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope that I can get my site back to normal! lol


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I had to stay up all night just to do my science teacher's homework. I stayed up to 1:05 doing homework, when I got home at 5:00! Then I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning for school! Which means I only had 4 hours of sleep!! You can imagine how tired I am. And I'm still not finished! *sighs*
We had to hand-copy 100 questions, lengthy questions, from a book. I only got to munber 50. He saied that he does not want it typed, which would have been easier for me, being as I have a computer. But, noooooo, he doesn't "Believe in making work easy".
Anyhoo, there was a bright side! I got to see everything off of Adult Swim, stopping after Inuyasha. What is the show Ooblongs about? Seemed stupid. I also watched Southpark. I haven't seen that in years.

I've noticed that looking to the bright side can sometimes make you feel better....or worse. Depends. lol

Thanks for the comments yesterday! I think I shall start posting in the morning, rather than posting in the evening, because, quite frankly, I just wouldn't update.

I also had to read 2 chapters from that novel. Bah, I'll do it during 2nd and 4th period. Which brings me to the "McDonalds lady" lol

If you wish to skip this section, by all mean, do it! lol

Since we had to read chapters 1-13 (total) she thought about giving us a pop-quiz to see who really read. Now, remember, I used Sparknotes. No reading what-so-ever. It just so happens that I passed! 8 people didn't do so well, and she gave them extra homework. She told then that she wants them to do a 75 question, mutilple choice, TYPED test on chapters 9-13. She also wants them to look for 10 certain words in each chapter, write their definition and give the page number. She also called their parents! Which was pretty amusing! lol. Thank God I passed!!Whoo! Did Sparknotes save me, or what?

I have to go now, tell me how your day went!



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