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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm bored. Well what a conversation killer I am. Lalalala, Happy Halloween! We only got two trick or treaters so I get to eat lots of sweeties, yum yum!

Weee I went to the London Anime Expo on the weekend, it was so fun! And I bought lots of naughty things I shouldnt have because I dnt have much money now! I got the Japanese Art of The Cat Returns, which I adore because I love the film! I got more Black Cat Manga, 3 and 4, I want more already! A One Piece Wallet and a Trigun black cat hat. Weee! I wore it all day and looked silly as you do.

Hmm today Ive been in bed for most of the day, I should of gone to college but my previous night of partying till 2am made me too tired, espeically as the hours I did get to sleep I was poorley (not from the drink Ill add!) and didnt really sleep very well. But Emile making hot ribiena for me in the morning made me feel better ^_^ then we watched a movie and both fell asleep in the afternoon and almost didnt get up in time for his lecture at Uni lol.

Im going to party this Saturday, excitement! And my friend throwing the party has my boxset of Ghibli Films so I can finally get them back, Im missing them lots, shes had them since August!

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