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Thursday, October 26, 2006

My God, I havent posted in ages! In the space of almost two months, alot as happened really. Firstly Iv lost most of my friends to that place they call Uni, all my girlie friends seem to have dissappeared around the country *sob sob* Next time I will see then will be at Xmas, though saying that I saw my best friend today because shed been sent home as shes poorley, not nice for her but nice to see her again lol.

Secondly, Iv turned into a Art Student! I started college back in early September and its soooooo much fun! I went on a trip to Amsterdam with them a couple of weeks ago, which was cool. Lots of shopping! Im doing Visual Communication this week which is like illustration, animation and drawing all in one, its so good!

Third, I got myself an amazing boyfriend heehee! Well that was longer than two months ago, but failed to mention it in my last post lol! His names Emile and his username (because I got him into manga a bit!) is Schwimming. Hes lovely ^_^

Well, mores probably happened but I have to depart for now, going to the Anime Expo on Saturday with LucyGilbert and Schwim, should be fun fun fun! Bye for now!

This is me and Schwim, we look a bit dodgey though because wed been on the Whiskey..!

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