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Monday, August 28, 2006

Im so so tired today. Currently babysitting my brother and had to get up at 6.30am, nightmare! Why is it the night you babysit, they wake up in the night and dnt go back to sleep till the early hours? Monster brother.

Anywho! Im back from France, miss me?? Lol, Ive been back since Weds actually but Ive been rather busy with friends, as soon as ive finished babysitting Im running off to meet someone in Canters, cant wait! ^_^ Mite be going out this evening for a meal too but Im running very low on cash so I may just watch my friends eat and have a drink instead. Ive also been on myspace a fair bit to talking to my friends, theyll all be leaving for uni/collage/gap years in about a month/two months, gona be really odd without them..

I really havnt drawn much this summer, Il have to get back into it before starting collage in a couple of weeks. Iv bought lots of manga tho! I bought Naruto on friday actaully but havnt finished reading it yet lol, I also managed to get One Piece Color Walk 2 when I was in France which was super duper!

Well yush havnt got much to say so Il shoot off, but Il leave you with some photos of a muse fest I went to, have a good day!

Jack and James Bull looking lovely!

Phoebe eating a lollie, it was the only food we could afford!

Phoebe posing! And Jack in the background being tall

Me and Pheebs posing again!

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