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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Going on Holiday!
I was in such a good mood earlier (I had a very nice evening last night ^_^) and then I turn on the news. What is with people??! Why do terrorists believe the killing so innocent people is right?? Im suppose to be flying to France on Saturday, lord knows if our flight will even take off! And I cant have hand-luagguage! ..Well at least they stopped this sick plot.

Anywho, Georgie says sorry for her non-exsistance posts and comments yet again, I probably wont get a chance to visit you tonight bcoz my friend is flying (..maybe) to New Zeland this weekend and we are all going to his leaving do. Its kinda sad really, all my friends will be going to University in just over a month and only a couple of my male friends are staying in Kent with me! Ahhh!

So Tuesday was my best friend Phoebes 18th bday so we went out in the evening and yesterday was my other friend James Bulls' bday so Ive been out twice this week already! Im sooo tired, I probably wnt keep awake and Im meeting a friend who doesnt finish work until 11pm anyway! Man Im gona be pooped tomo! I had a good time last night though ^_^ weeee!

Anywho Id best be going, James is coming over soon to try and beat me at Super Smash Bros Melee. Il try to visit some of you now/tomo be no promises, but il be loads more active online soon! Have a really good week and a bit and Il be back around the 23rd/ish! Bye Bye!!

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