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Friday, August 4, 2006

Im sorry again for my non-exsistance comments and posts! Im so busy at the moment, but Im babysitting tonight so Ill try and visit everyone while my brother is sound asleep ^_^ and wow! I got 25 comments on my last post! Thats gotta be a record! Thank you muchly everyone!

So lets see, Tuesday was sooo funny! My friend Luke had his gathering at his house in the evening, but we hung out during the day again and went to the supermarket to buy loads of alcohol and stuff, he kept trying to tempt me to drink but I was having none of it, I wanted to win our bet (see last post!) but anywho it was really fun, my friends Jack and James and this other guy called Mark turned up quite early and, well, were hilarious, all the guys kept having play fights nd stuff in the middle of floors, being the only girl I was almost in tears of laughter watching them for some fights, especially Mark and Jacks verbal abuse to one other!

Anyway later on after more drinks (none for Georgie!) the guys start to set up Lukes electric guitar nd drum kit outside and take turns at playing which is rather cool to watch, James kept switching with Jack for the drums and Luke for the guitar all they were all good to listen to, then while Jack was playing, Luke lets all the air out of one of Jacks car tyres nd to get back at him Jack and Mark started moshing on top of Lukes car! It had a huge dent in it afterwards! Luckily we pushed it out but still, so funny! After awhile my best pal Pheebs turns up so I wasnt the only female the whole night but more guys just kept coming! All of them tryed to get me drink alcohol, but I was good. At one point I was lying on the floor next to James watching the stars and he handed me his beer, so I took it and poured it on his trousers ^_^ heehee Im cruel we had a water fight afterwards inside the house! So much fun, then 3 guys hid in the bed me and Pheebs were sleeping in (which happened to be Lukes Sisters) and one jumped and broke it!!! Lukes face when he walked it!! Classic evening ^_^ And I won the bet!!! Woo!

Woah this post is getting rather long already, hmm Wedsday, I went home from Lukas (him driving ^_^) and coffee was my best friend after 2 hours sleep that night and I generally slept on and off for most of Weds and Thurs ^_^ Did some shopping, got Bday presents for Pheebs and James (big 18th!) and woo, here I am now! Tonight Im missing out on two possible partys, rather annoying babysitting! But this Sunday Im going to a Music Fest! Woo, Im trying to drag loads of my friends along but the tickets are rather expensive! But it should be fun! Next week Im going out for my two friends Bdays and Im going on Holiday to France so its getting busy! Il be sure to post before I go though!

Also thank you to everyone who said they liked my pictures! Il give you more soon like from the Music Fest im going to! Speak 2 u all tonight I hope!

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