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Monday, July 31, 2006

Howdy! How is everybody? My weekend was rather hectic and I think this is the first time Ive had the real chance to visit you all! Ive managed about half my friends, and Il finish visiting tonight, if I havnt visited you yet, dnt panic! Il be there soon!

Um so lets see, Thursday Night we had a huge thunderstorm and it rained buckets! It only about half way through the storm my Mum remembered shed left all the windows open upstairs so I went to close them all nd the carpets and floorboards were all soaked! Then I went into the basement to see I was actually paddling in water! Im sure my face would of been a picture! My Mum and I managed to clear it out then I after the rain stopped I helped Harvey dry the SpiltScreen Camper so I didnt get to sleep until about midnight! I was shatterd, espeically as Id only just got back from my holiday!

Then Friday and Saturday I had to get up at 5am! Argh! Driving to Silverstone so Harvey could race his car, then on the way back was got stuck in traffic for 5 hours!!! That was tiring, though it was fun at Silverstone really ^_^ I got to stand on the pit wall and do Harveys time keeping! Woo! Haha not that interesting really but I was happy enough!

Yesterday I visited my friend Lukas (instead of having to go to Silverstone and get up at 5am again!) We had loads of fun and his house was sooo nice espeically the garden, it was so pretty! We went to the cinema and saw 'Stormbreaker' which was cool, then ate loadsa ice cream afterwards! Haha funny thing was I was so tired from the previous days and lack of sleep I fell asleep at his house while watching another film! Didnt get home till about 10pm/ish but was still super duper fun, Im going to his house again tomorrow bcoz hes having a gathering, cant wait! Though hes made a bet with me, hes betting that I cant not drink alcohol at his party, I think I can survive without so we placed our bets (which Im sure Im going to lose) If I win he drives me home Wedsday morn, saving me the train journey, if he wins Ive got to tidy his house.. Post Party..

By popular demand! Lounge pics! These are from the Music Fest I went to, from left to right; Me, Abs, Hannah and Pheebs

Hannah and me ^_^

Jack, Holly, Abs (its a lolliepop really, apparently..) Hannah and Will

And me again! I probably have more, but thats it 4 now! Bye!

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