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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Im baaack!!! Did you miss me? ^_^ Haha probably not! Anywho, I had a super duper week camping away with my cousins Luce (LucyGilbert) and Katie! Basically loads of relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and gossiping! But it was super! Though I think I ate toooo much sugar/candy/sweeties/generalrubbish to keep me going for a month! Ah but it was great! Worse part was I missed my wireless! Haha but Il visit you guys all tonight! We didnt really take any photos so I cant show you guys but I can show you some pics from my music fest last week if you wana see ^_^

Oh Hum, now I offically have nothing to do for 2 weeks! Tomorrow Im going to SilverStone with my Mum and Harvey and Harvs racing his car, not very interesting but I have 2 get up at 4am tomorrow morning! Argh! Im only going bcoz theyre going to a big shopping center that sells discounted clothes in the afternoon and Im obsessed with finding some female Hawiiwan print shorts! I thought they might have some in the Quiksilver outlet shop ^_^! But 4am!!? Im gona look like a bigtime panda with tired eyes!

I also think its time for a theme change, ho ho Il have fun with that!

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