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Friday, July 21, 2006

Im so tired today ^_^ I even slept in which I never normally do! Ah well, I look like a panda today around the eyes and Im suppose to be going out later! Id need some extra strong make up on to cover up!

Weeeee! Im going to Katie's house tomo and then me Katie and Luce are camping!!! Thatll be fun! I suppose Id better pack today incase I dnt feel like waking up tomorrow morning after tonight. And after I come back in the evenings I normally chat on msn for hours 2! Haha! Anywho Im gona miss you guys! Specially Hitsugaya-Roxas! *hugs* but Ill be back soon ^_^ Then I start the parties and driving lessons! Go me! I think Im suppose 2 be driving somewhere with my friend too when I get back but I have no idea about the dates of things, I should invest in a calendar!

Mmmm so camping, I duno what to take.. I think Im gona be clueless without my technology.. Where am I gona charge my phone, my Zen Mp3 player and my dvd player??! Im guessing the campsite wont have wireless..

So see everyone soon if I dnt get the chance to visit later, I hope you have a fab week!

OMFG One Piece 420!!!!

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