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Monday, July 17, 2006

Im back! Wow its been nearly a week since my last post, Im sorry guys this weeks been busy! I havnt been online this whole weekend either cause I was at a music festival, but it was so great! Hopefully going to another very soon!

But yes this whole weekend Ive been in Canterbury at a music fest, it was great! I saw loads of live bands and the ones on Saturday night were really good ^_^ I also ate too much candy and drank too much booze~ I was rather hyper at some points! But I meet loadsa new friends too which was really cool and one of the bigger bands is actually formed of people from my old school so it was groovy to see them again ^_^

Hmm not much else happening right now, trying to get my friends to go and see PotC2 with me! They dnt seem as bothered as me, but I need to see Johnny!!! Hahaha, anyway this weekend Im going camping! Woo! Cant wait, going with LucyGilbert and my other cousin Katie in a huge tent to ourselves! But yea so Ill try and visit everyone but my posts are probably going to be rather spaced out this summer ^_^ but Ill tell you all my adventures! Arr!

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