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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Well one exam down, one to go! I had to design a display case for cosmetics, so okay I guess. It was a retake of last years exam because I failed it quite badly. We were suppose to draw a desk lamp and I think I drew a desk *sweatdrop* resulting in an E grade.. Thats got to be the ultimate Spandam!

Im on Chapter 394 of One Piece now (in the middle of Robins history) ..Holy mother! Theres so much I wanna say about it!! Its cool now because I know whats going on, before I was just sticking to the DVDs which ended before Water 7.

Eek I forgot to submit (or even finish) my Zelda picture! Ill try and do it tonight, Ill try and visit everyone I missed yesterday too :) I was out evening at this 'new student college evening' it was really dull actually, most of the people there knew each other from previous schools where as I was kinda on my own, I didnt really mind though. Then the fire alarm went off and we all had to wait outside for 20min while firemen ran in and out the building. In the end someone was just dripping hot wax on their work resulting in the alarm going off *rolls eyes* ahh well!!! See you all later!

P.S. Anyone else notice the difference in Oda's drawing sytle?

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