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Sunday, June 4, 2006

This is so sweet! Im sitting here with my new laptop in my bedroom surfing the net! Woo wireless baby! *punches air*

Wee so this week was fun, Iv been at my Dads this week doing nice things :) it was my sisters birthday on Friday so we went to a safari with my Aunt Mel and her children. It was really funny because we were going through the park where all the lions were and my Aunt's car broke down! It was a really hot day and they wernt allow to open the windows so we pasted them and could see them roasting in the heat! In the end the car had just overheated so they were moving 15 minutes later which was lucky :)

I also got a new DVD player! I got a mini one for car journeys for my Birthday from my Dad a couple of months ago but I broke it.. (opps) I didnt do anything wrong just changed the disc one day and it just stopped working! So we took it back and they replaced it for free! Yippee! Then I remembered I didnt bring any DVDs with me so while I was shopping with my Grannie this morning I saw Final Fantasy Advent Children in the supermarket and bought it to watch on the train home :) I love it! I havnt finished watching it yet but it looks visually fantastic!

Yep so thats about it, I keep re-reading One Piece Volumes 9 and 10 because I love the drawings, *strokes the books* Ill probably have more fightscenes done before my drawn theme because Im completely brainwashed by One Piece! So yup, Im gona visit everyone now! See you soon!

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