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Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm back again! I've been living out of a suitcase alot recently therefore I havn't posted for awhile so I'm sorry if you feel I've not been visiting, I've not been on the net much at all lol!

So anyway I had a wonderful weekend! I went to the London Anime Expo with Lucy and her friend Laura and it was really fab! I've never seen so many anime/manga fans under one roof. The main theme was the release of Naruto in the UK so there were loads of Naruto Cosplayers, heck, even I bought a forehead protecter! They gave away loads of free stuff as well, including a huge Naruto bag and free DVD of the dub, I really want to look into the original Anime now! There were also other really good cosplayers but the best had to be this guy dressed as Vash from Trigun! Oh it was so fun! XD! I also bought a FullMetal Alchemist poster but not much else because everything was sooo expensive! I'll be sure to save my money for the next one so I can get more cool stuff!

Also I managed to get One Piece vol 10 in Forbidden Planet on Saturday, they had the Art of Cat Returns as well that I really wanted (current background if you're not sure) but it was 33! I'm going try and stop buying Manga at the moment, it eats too far into my bank account! *sweatdrop* ..I'll only get the new One Piece and Black Cat vols when they come out! Lol!

I'm currently working on my new theme as well :) as it's all hand-drawn, it's taking ages! I've finished some bits, but I'm keeping it a secret until it's finished completely! Heehee!

Well I'd best be off, I'm leaving again tomorrow to go to my Dad's house so I can probably visit people there, but I probably won't post until I return which will probably be the weekend so I hope everyone has a great week! :) I'll try and do some fight scenes as well if I get the chance! Bye for now!

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