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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   Utopia has found me!!!
Wahey! My week has been super great! Firstly I had an interview at this college on Tues (my #1 choice for a course next year!) and when I got there they took away my portfilo and put me in a room with loads of other students to wait, then after 10mins my name gets called and they tell me, 'We've been through your work and we'd like to offer you a place for next year with no terms!' I though the lady was joking, no interview just a place! So naturally I said 'Yes Please!' Easiest thing I think I've ever done! Plus the course won't cost me any money because I'm under 19!!! Yes!

So I've had a huge smile on my face all week, I've found time to do some drawing too, so I have submitted a picture of my best friend Phoebe as an Anime Queen, One Fruits Basket request for Lucy and a SOA request for AceG, I hope you like them all!

This weekends been pretty neat as well (excluding Saturday School of course) I went out for a meal on Friday night and got back in time to see who won Celeb Big Brother! (Oh me Gawd, I LOVED Chantelle! She looked so happy!) Saturday afternoon ate loadsa Cake, watched Only Yesterday (which was a nice film!) Then watched Howl's Moving Castle again ^^

I hope everyone elses week was as fantastic as mine! I now await the Art of My Neighbour Totoro and Cats Return book off amazon! Have a great week everybody!
~Georgie Eve

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