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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   Its Sunday (thank you God!)
Yay, its that time of the week where I can just sit down and relax! ^^ Apart from the fact that Im slightly hungover from my friends 18th Bday pub crawl, Im doing Ok ^^ oh if this post is spelt completely wrong its bcoz I managed to fuse the light bulb in here and Im writting in almost complete darkness! Its times like these that I wish we had wireless!

Anyway my weeks been pretty good ^^ I sold all my old pokemon cards on ebay 4 the best part of 20, my One Piece Color Walk 1 finally came in the post (and I love it soooo much!!!) and School is going pretty good at the moment ^^ though soon we have to do an interhouse school singing contest and our house, 4 some odd reason, are singing 'Its Raining Men!' Ahh it'll be awful! I cannot sing to save my life!

Oh and today I uploaded some new arty piccys ^^ not the requests though (sorry Im very slow at the moment!) but I was watching the Arlong saga for about the 10th time and I was watching the end bit when Luffy beats Arlong bellowing Nami is his partner so I felt like drawing a cute Luffy and Nami piccy! ^^ Yay so please check it out ^^ the other 3 pictures are ones from last year (Shaman King and One Piece) Enjoy and have a great week!
~Georgie Eve

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