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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Wow, posting one day after my last... What is going on. Okay its Saturday morning, and instead of franticly trying to tidy my bedroom before my boyfriend comes over, Im on the internet in bed. The joys of wireless. Weeee :)

Okay lets see, unfortunatly my anime drawing has come to a halt, but I am still drawing but improving my skills in other ways lol, I think Im doing well in college, I had a big project in for yesterday which I worked very hard on last week, but I only find out on friday afternoon the deadline is moved back other week becoz of some lazy bums on my class and the assessors couldnt stay until the afternoon, sigh. But at least I can have a week of tweaking my work for the better :) ok enough of a rant (oppies, that wasnt meant to be haha)

Well today my Nintendo Wii should come in the post which would be amazing seeing as Ive been waiting since Xmas now! But Il only have Wii sports until next week and I get some money, but my friend owes me 40 so hopefully I can buy Zedla on Monday :), then I think Ive have some visitors more often in my house! The controlers seems to expensive though, when I was in the shop it looked like Id have to buy it in two parts! Ah well Im sure itll be wellllll worth it!

Hmm my friend is having a party in her flat today, then moving onto a nightclub later which should be fun, but the nightclub in question apparently is a bit horrible, it has three different floors but yea apparently the men in there are a bit horrible and pervy, so maybe me and Emile will skip that part and just watch a movie at his after the party. Hes been making me watch lots of horror films lately! Scarey!!!

Does anyone like Snow Patrol, Im actually addicted to this Eyes Open album! Ive bought so many albums lately, music helps college go faster hahaha.

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