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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Im 18 >_
thanks for the bday wishes
but the day has just started..lol.. im workin today but.. a sercret between u guys and me.. i kinda wanted to work today.. things havent been goin so hot at home so i would rather work on my bday than fake a smile.. *sigh* well what can u do? ill just spend more time with my friends to make up for my bday thats what we had planned anyways..
well some of u asked what i got my mom.. a Coach gift Card..
lessee other than that what to report oh yea i got some new Tsubasa books in the mail..!! obv i am nearly done with them (even thou i tried not to read them)
ill tell u guys about my day tom
heres the stupiest way to die
(October 2007, UK) John, 71, used wood and rope to make a traction device to ease his wife's neck pain. But applying traction to the neck takes a delicate touch. His DIY (do-it-yourself) medical device turned out to be a gallows, as John found out when he tested it and hung himself.

The Coroner's verdict: Death by Misadventure.

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