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Monday, May 12, 2008

mothers day & more
okay so i am not exactly sure as to when the last time i posted was but im still here and i have been tired from workin at Jamba Juice... yes it is actually tirin making smoothies.. surprise surprise
well my moms mothers day i think sucked becsuse appaerentley she didnt get decent gifts or have a decent day.. but what ev. there is always next year...
my bday is this weds. im gunna be 18.. lol.. i am gettin olddd>_<
I sawe some movies over the weekend... Harold and Kumar escape G. Bay.. Iron Man and Speed Racer.. that was the order i liked it.. Speed Racer was terrible it actually made the anime look bad.. Iron Man and H&K escape G. Bay were funny thou.. i would watch them again.. sad thou they rnt comin out with good movies any more..

Heres the stupiest way to die
(25 March 2007, Oregon) Anthony was stopped for speeding. The 20-year-old was driving a vehicle that checked out as stolen in Idaho. The deputy called for backup, and placed the suspect in a patrol car. Here, Anthony had his first great idea! He thought he could outsmart the police, a notion that often proves harmful to the perp.

While the officers had their backs turned, Anthony managed to move his handcuffed hands from behind to in front of his body. His second great idea was to wiggle through the small window to the front seat of the patrol car. His third great idea? He drove off in the patrol car, nevermind the State Patrol officers and deputies from two counties.

Naturally, Anthony wished to elude pursuit. He did so by driving 90 mph, passing some cars and forcing others off the road. He was rapidly approaching the city of Lakeview when he encountered spike strips placed in his way by the police. But not even the setback of flat tires slowed him down. He could still control the disabled car and outrun the police!

We will never know what he might have done if he had reached Lakeview. Following standard procedure, a state patrolman rammed the rear quarter panel of the stolen police cruiser, a move designed to spin and slow the car. But due to the flat tire and Anthony's erratic driving, the vehicle spun off the road and rolled.

Anthony's final mistake? He had neglected to fasten his seat belt. He was thrown from the car, and died a week later. Whether or not he managed to learn anything during that final week of reflection, one hopes that others will.

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