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Thursday, May 1, 2008

i know i havent been here in a while!!
so what to tell u guys?? lets see i am now working.. at this place called Jamba Juice in long island..yea i have a pretty good time there..and i makee $4 when i saw my first paid check i was like omfg.. i made that much $$? i was happy... lol.. and ive been playing brawl and dooing a shitload of hw.. other than that not much to tell.. oh! my bday is on the 14th ppl! Well heres the stupiest way to die and the pic of the day.. todays isnt that good
10 March 2007, Scotland) James, 26, was working on a new house when, according to early reports, "The operative picked up [a cannister of insulating foam] and gave it a shake as recommended. A pressure explosion occurred when the can burst.) The bottom section hit him on the chest [and] crumpled and wrinkled to some six inches, resulting in his death."

Because of this misleading initial report, a safety alert was issued, warning of the potential for cans of expanding foam to undergo lethal decompression. But the warning was retracted when it was discovered that James had, for reasons unknown, applied a blowtorch to the pressurized 500-ml cannister, causing the lethal malfunction.


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