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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

lol.. yes the point of yesterdays pic was to show that not everythin from China/ Japan can be translated perfectley.. so ill be puttin up some more of those kk?? just for sum humor..
right now im in the computer lab in chinese... i finished workin from my text book.. so now i am workin from the compu.. i am workin from a site called Chinesepod....its pretty easy since i know alot of the vocab of the newbie stuff... but i still wanna review it..lol...
well as for Elves-san comment yesterday i totally agree with you i dun like that they ignored Mary's daugther(s) and they ignored the relationship she had with both of her husbands... well anyways.. i can critize that for ever..

nuttin else to report execpt i was asked out to prom by one of my friends which is kewl.. and i think ill be goin with him,..
heres the stupiest way to die and the pic!!
(26 August 2006, Leicester, England) Darren's death was a mystery. The 33-year-old was found slumped in the hallway of his house, bleeding from stab wounds to his chest. Police initially assumed that an assailant had attacked him, but they could find no supporting evidence. A year later, the inquest revealed why Darren can stake his claim to a place among the winners of the Darwin Award.

Darren had called a friend, but minutes after he hung up, rang back to ask for an ambulance. The front door was ajar, and Darren was found lying near a bloodstained lock-knife he had purchased whilst on holiday in Spain. Forensics investigators saw no indication of a struggle, and the coroner reported that the stab wounds seemed to be self-inflicted. However, Darren had shown no suicidal tendencies.

His wife, who was on holiday at the time of the incident, cleared up the mystery, and revealed why our subject will go down in history as a Darwin Award winner. As she was leaving for the holiday, she remembered Darren wondering whether his new jacket was 'stab-proof'.

That's right. Darren decided to find out if his jacket could withstand a knife attack. Did he choose to test his jacket while it was draped over the back of a chair? No, our man thought that the best approach would be to wear the garment and stab himself. Sadly, his choice of armor proved less resistant to a sharp blade than he had hoped.

The coroner reached a verdict of accidental death by 'misadventure'.

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