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Friday, April 11, 2008

lol... so i read my comments the day after i make my posts so i'm readin my comments and (from recent posted to oldest) i see nana-chan has posted somethin funny once i get down to the bottom its a sex story...lol.. that was good Nana-chan... if u read "The Color Purple" Celie's step dad dies from havin too many orgasms too... lol..
well yesterday (not related to theO) it was 70 degrees in my part of the world.. absolutely b-e-autiful.. and i didn't want to be locked up in the house, so i went to the library after skewl and i took out Eragon and The Devil Wears Prada and sat outside my house readin The Devil Wears Prada for a while... then it got windy >_< and i went inside.. after i took a shower i kicked my bro's ass for the first time in Brawl!!!! i was so proud of myself!!! my bro was too.. but he was like.. wtf???i was like "cant touch this!!"
well heres the stupiest way to die..
(17 April 2006, England) There's always someone who thinks good advice doesn't apply to him. For example, if a doctor advises that the one thing you must not do is go near a flame, as you are going to be covered wtih a flammable material, most people would take this advice onboard, and not strike a match until the flammable material has been removed.

However, Phillip, 60, knew better than his doctor. Philip was in the hospital to treat a skin disease, said treatment consisting of being smeared in paraffin-based cream. Philip was warned that the cream would ignite, so he definitely should NOT smoke. But he just couldn't live without that cigarette."

Smoking was not permitted anywhere on the ward, but Phillip took this setback in stride, and sneaked out onto a fire escape. Once he was hidden, he lit up... inhaled... and peace descended as he got his nicotine fix. Things went downhill only after he finished his cigarette, at the moment he ground out the butt with his heel.

The paraffin cream had been absorbed by his clothing. As his heel touched the butt, fumes from his pyjamas ignited. The resulting inferno "cremated" his skin condition, and left first-degree burns on much of his body. Despite excellent treatment, he died in intensive care.

1.Reproduction -- if he has children, he's not having more.
2.Excellence -- this one I'll remember!
3.Self-Selection -- he was warned paraffin & flames don't mix.
4.Maturity -- At 60 I guess he was old enough.
5.Veracity -- Major UK news carriers covered the story.
This ticks all the boxes, and though I feel sorry for the family, his death acts as a warning to others. If a doctor tells you not to smoke, there's a very good reason.

Heres a lil pic it rly does exsist!!!

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