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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

   mall madness!
so yesterday i went to the mall with my mom!! yea.. my mom has decided that she will full on go on her diet.. no more.. "tommorow i will go on my diet" shes gunna go on it for real.. atleast thats what she says.. but well see... i think that she cando it but right now she is very vulnerable.. anyways.. we went to the mall yesterday.. and actually my mom and i had a pretty good time.. we looked at bags and stuff it was fun.. i sound like tohru now >_<.. lol...
heres the stupiest way to die

(3 June 2006, Florida) Two more candidates have thrown themselves into the running for a Darwin Award. The feet of Jason and Sara, both 21, were found protruding from a deflated, huge helium advertising balloon. Jason was a college student, and Sara attended community college, but apparently their education had glossed over the importance of oxygen.
The pair pulled down the 8' balloon, and climbed inside. Their last words consisted of high-pitched, incoherent giggling as they slowly passed out and passed into the hereafter.

Sheriff's deputies said the two were not victims of foul play. No drugs or alcohol were found. The medical examiner reported that helium inhalation was a significant factor in their deaths. A family member said "Sara was mischievous, to be honest. She liked fun and it cost her."
When one breathes helium, the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream causes a rapid loss of consciousness. Some euthanasia experts advocate the use of helium to painlessly end one's life.

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