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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

soo... yeaaa i know i havent been able to tell you much.. hey if anyone can tell me how the newO works that would be great i am still kinda in the darkeness about that...

tonight i am going to a Freshman meeting at Queens i am kinda looking foward to it... and kinda not.. i mean this is the skewl that i am gunna be at for the next "x" amount of years.. i may change, they dunoffer Jap. or Chin. as a language, which doesnt make sense to me. and to top it off i am language exempt.. which is suttin i dun want. i mean who here wants to be language exempt???
well yea wish me luck tonight
Heres the stupiest way to die
"Rock and Roll will never die."

(17 November 2006, Singapore) Picture a college dorm room. Dirty laundry, sexy posters, food wrappers, textbooks, and in the middle of it all, a 16-year-old male rocking out to loud music. A typical student, a typical day.

But this particular student, bouncing on his bed as he rocked out on his air guitar, was about to "take things too far," according to the coroner's report. Li Xiao Meng, a student at Singapore's Hua Business School, bounced up and down on his bed with such enthusiasm that he rocked himself right out of the third-floor window.

Normally the windows are locked, but students reportedly force the locks so they can sneak a cigarette. Perhaps alluding to Ted Nugent's rock song, the court ruled it a case of "Death By Misadventure."

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