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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do grls need guys?
so remember when my friend was lke pmsin llast week?
well it was becasue she broke up with her bf and nnow i feel bad for her... its ok..thou.. she has me.. but she saays that she like needs a guy.. and that mades me think.. all my friends need a guy in their life.. i mean us women dun need guys do we??
were strong enough ne?
well other than that my parents came back from florida, they were in hollywood and yea they said they had a good time.. now i dun have to cook (me and my bro were alone durin the weekend)
other than that nuttins new
stupiest way to die
(28 November 2006, Hall in Tirol, Austria) A man reported missing was found the following morning in a trash compactor, the victim of a self-induced industrial accident. At first, the circumstances surrounding the 48-year-old man's death were hazy. But once the videotape from a monitoring camera was reviewed, all became clear.

The man, who worked for a parcel delivery service, had loaded the hydraulic press with empty boxes and started it up. At that point, the long-time employee walked to the edge of the charging (filling) hole, and used his foot to press the boxes further into the hydraulic trash compactor.

His foot was was seized by the press, and he was drawn into the chamber and crushed. He was not discovered until his colleagues needed to use the press again the next day.

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