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Thursday, March 22, 2007

How's this sound so far for my ghost story
"We've only just started unpacking," Iris Willis let out a sigh and rested her chin in her hands, causing her hot-pink bangs to fall from behind her ear and into her face. The rest of her blondehair was tied tight in a couple of ponytails and braids.

"It's been over a week already. Y'all some slow folks." Kirstin Thomison said while scratching her scalp in between her cornrows. She glanced over at her friend sitting next to her in her punk attire.

Hmph! Just because your used to moving every couple of years doesn't mean I am! This is only my third move in all my life." Iris barely managed a raspberry just before the last bell rang.

Iris shut down the computer in her room, then deciding she was hungry, headed out to the kitchen for a snack. It was just after 7p.m., her mom and her

brother were still out doing their own things. She figured Alan was either out on a date with the girlfriend of the week or at his afterschool job he got a couple of months ago. Her mom was at her second job as a waitress for a local resturaunt and wouldn't be back 'til after 9. She knew it would be alone for a while, and for that she was content. When either one of them were home, she would have to put up with her brother's teasing and her mom's complaining about her stereo being too loud.

Finishing her sandwich, she turned off the kitchen light, then headed to the living room to put on a movie. She would've watched TV, but it wasn't hooked up yet. Instead of walking through the doorway, she ran straight into it. "Ow! Hello, door!" She was rubbing her forehead when she heard a noise in the living room

seemingly close to the backdoor and sofa. "Hello?! Alan?! Mom?!"

There was no reply, just more of the movement sounds. "W-who's there?" Iris didn't have the best night sight so even though it wasn't that dark in the room, she couldn't see a thing.

"IRIS," a spooky sounding whisper said, drawing out the whole name for as long as possible.

"Who's t-there?" Iris started feeling along the living room side of the wall for the light switch. When she finally touched it, which seemed like hours but really only a few seconds, she turned it on. That didn't help that much because she still didn't see anybody belonging to the disebodied voice that had said her name. She started shaking, even though the punk/goth dressing girl didn't look it, she was easily scared.

She was still shaking when she tried to make her way to the other side of the room. She was halfway across the room when the owner of the voice jumped from behind the couch. She jumped so high that it felt, to her, that she went through the ceiling. She only calmed down when she recognized her blonde-haired, gray-eyed brother, who couldn't seem to stop laughing.

"Should've... seen... your... face!" Alan said, still laughing.

"Ugh... idio...!!" the rest of her words were drowned out by the sound of the T.V. snow. "ALAN!! Where's that remote? Stop messing around!"

"Messing around, moi? Never. Isn't that the remote over there?" Sure enough, the remote was right where he pointed.

While Iris walked toward the TV, the electricity went out. Iris automatically turned her head toward the window. What she noticed was that her neighbors lights were still on, though. In the kitchen's area, they heard a ghostly laughter, then the lights came back on. "Alan, what the hell are you doing?" Iris said walking toward the ghostly laughter, thinking it was one of her brother's friends. "You and your friends need to stop acting like kids." With every step she took, the sound of the laughter seemed to be getting further away. By the time she got to the kitchen door, the sound was completely gone.

She took a quick glance around the kitchen, finding nothing amiss. She, then, looked at her brother noticing he had a small smile on, not noticing it was

forced. She, then, walked toward a closet close to the kitchen window for the circuit breaker to see if there was anything like a fuse on the fritz.

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