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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I had the wierdest dream last night. It was like a messed up version of Carrie minus the pig's blood. Oh... minus the telekinesis as well. LOl!! Well, yeah... it started out with me and my sister in a car, then my sister turned into my friend. I was talking about this giant bug toy I had found, yeah. And then it switched to this girl who was talking about this school essay thing she had to do. And then she said that it's about why she is the way she is. First, she began off by saying that she was quiet and stuff like that. Well, she was saying that she had tried to get these guys she went to school with to kill each other with a CD that had sublibinal message (or how ever you spell that) that somehow got in their possesion. Then it switches to a scene with 3 famous people, Tre from Green Day, Ozzy Osbourne, and someone else, well any way she had led them to the middle of a lake. Then it switched to this made-up writer... which they said a name but I don't remember. Yeah... a close-up on his face. *shudder* He looked like something you would see in one of the Harry Potter movies.. LOL!! There was more but I don't remember.
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