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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ok... I'll tell y'all how to do an easy card trick. It works really well with kids. You can make up your own name for it, but I call it ABC... or at least that's what the kids around me started calling it. First this works better if there are two people you are doing the trick for. Well, ask the first person to take a small packet(pile) of cards and count how many cards are in the packet, then ask for them to count that many out of the other deck and memorize the last card they picked up. Make sure the put the main deck the way it was and discard the small packet. Well, with the card memorized ask one of them to say their ABC's putting a card to the bottom of the pile with each letter, after the get to Z and put it to the bottom, tell them to hand it to the other person and make them do the same, but instead of putting the Z card on the bottom, tell them to flip that card over. If they did exactly as they were told, it would be the card they memorized. It's a trick that's easy to do because there is no preparation. Well, here's an example of this trick. Magican hands deck to kid#1 and tells her to grab a small packet of cards and count them. After she counts the cards, the magician says to put the pile somewhere else, say, a pocket. Kid#1 counts, say, 5 cards and puts it in her coat pocket. The magian then says to count however many she had grabbed from the rest of the deck and memorize the last one she grabs, in other words the 5th card. She then does that and that card is a, say, 8 of clubs. Kid#1 puts the deck back to the way it was, save the cards in her pocket. Magician than tells her to say her ABC's putting a card on the bottom of the deck with each letter. A one card on bottom, B one card on bottom, and so forth. When she reaches Z and bottoms it, the magician instructs her to give it to kid#2. To kid#2 the magician tells him to do the same thing except for the Z card, instead of putting it on the bottom, flip it over on a table or just show it around. When kid#2 gets to Z, he flips the card over and it's the 8 of clubs.
^+^ There, now you'll at least have one party trick to do. Add your own dialogue and stuff. HAVE FUN!!

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