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Thursday, February 1, 2007

   Soapbox, anyone?
When I got to the station the other day, yeah. The guy I talked to talked about everthing else except what I had asked him. He was saying that he was supervisor and so-forth. He was also saying it wasn't one person that solved a case, it was everybody. Heh... yeah. He also started to talk about movies and health. All the time avoiding my question. I didn't even get to really talk. And to make matters worse, he was talking to me like I was some inexperience kid. I'm 20 years-old. Yesh. Damn, I just wanted to shut him up. Eventually I did escape. LOL!! While he was talking to me, a lady came in and he didn't even notice. If he did, I would've escaped a lot earlier than I did. LOL!!
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