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Thursday, September 4, 2003

I've noticed that my drawing that have over 20 votes are all over 80%. *winks* But everthing else is usually low. See ya.
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Don't forget to sign up today. Hopefully everyone that is a member will tell other crazy people about it. You can sign up with a comment. You can sign up in my GB. You can even sign up on your site (not recommended). Thanks and spread the craziness all over theotaku.com. See ya.
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   I like summiting to the fanart page.
Well, at least you know people are honest with you here. They ain't just saying it to be nice and stuff. There's probably people that have me on their friends list that said they didn't like my drawings. That's ok with me. When you show people your drawings in the real world, yes there is such a thing, they all say they like it. The real world sucks.

I'm writing this before I go to school. And it's almost 6 here. Gotta leave in a half an hour.

I watched my taped episode of Inuyasha before I got on the computer. He turned full demon.

I need to shut up right now. I talk and/or write too much when I'm tired. See ya.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

*wipes head* I just posted a lot of pictures. I'm done for the day though. I hope y'all like 'em all. See ya.
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My scanner messed up when I was scanning some of my pics. Hopefully I will be able to fix it soon. See ya.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2003

I had to wear a mini skirt today. I don't wear skirts that often. Oh well, I need to get an e-mail from my sister. Oh I need it. Havick and I (don't you just hate english grammer) were in a car wreck yesterday. It wasn't serious, not in the least. Do y'all think I should change my last 2 words I end my messages with? *sweatdrops* I know stupid question, eh? Tell the truth though. See ya.
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Sunday, August 31, 2003

My sisters slow computer made me loss the auction. It made me bid too late. See ya.
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A COUPLE MORE HOURS! I can't wait 'til I bid, which will be close to when the bid ends, for my Inuyasha DVDs. I'm so happy. Can't wait. See ya.
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I had plans for this weekend and my mom ruined them. The thing is I never have plans for a weekend and this one I did. My mom told me to pack up some clothes 'cause we were going to Alabama this weekend. I like my state and all, but still I had plans to hang out with some friends. That doesn't happen too often for me. See ya.
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Friday, August 29, 2003

   Members of CPE
Like I said I will be posting a list of all new members. Here they are...

lonewolf (she is my right hand insane girl because she asked and she was the first to join)

lucky star



Black Phoenix

Thats all the entries for this week. See ya.

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