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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I hate that dog. My little brother's dog chewed up my only pair of shoes. OOOH SHE'S GONNA PAY. Gah I can't believe she did that. My only pair. WAAAAAAAAAAH! *runs off crying*
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I'm going to try to do this everyday or everyday I'm on. Unless y'all tell me other wise. I might do some that aren't dubbed but for right now...

"Dangerous toys are fun but you could get hurt."

Y'all better answer this. See ya.

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Only 1/5 of the members have an active site. Hmmm, I'm one of the 1/5. (obvisiosly) See ya.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

   Next Friday is my last day at this stupid school. Can't wait 'til then. See ya.
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The answer for the quote is... Inuyasha. It was the episode where he first got his sword. Hmmm! Maybe I should do this more often, eh? See ya.
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Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

That would be funny. LOL! See ya.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

What dubbed anime is this quote from...

"It wouldn't even cut paper... wet."

Do y'all know 'cause I do. *sticks tongue out* Nyaa!

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   I wonder
How long does it usually take for a drawing to show up on this site? I just summited two drawings. I would really like to know how long the drawings take to load. Thanks. See ya.
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A guy goes into the bar and sits down and orders a drink. Other than the bartender, there's no one else in the place. All of a sudden he hears a voice that says, "Nice suit." He looks around and doesn't see anyone and the bartender looks busy washing some glasses. A little while later the same voice says, "Nice Tie." The guy looks around again and doesn't see anyone. He finally asks the bartender if he just said something.

"No," replied the bartender, "it wasn't me. It was probably the peanuts though. They're complimentary."

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   Here's for the artist
What is the hardest thing for you to draw in a character? Mine is the hands and nose. Yup. What about y'all? See ya.
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