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Monday, January 29, 2007

Heh... I'm going to the police station after I'm through here. I'm not procrastinating. It's just I didn't know where exactly the station in Chinatown was so I had to go to the main one just to ask where it was. ^+^ Heh... I didn't ask the questions for my book there because I wouldn't've known where I needed to go to ask. Oh my! *sighs* ^+^ I'm not, you know.
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Writing a book is hard work. You might not think it, though, but it is. Any one who does creative writing knows this. Heh... you know what, if y'all ever met me in person, y'all probably won't believe how I talk. I trip over my tongue a lot. Heh... and I usually don't talk. If I do talk, it's way too much. I have better control when I write. I hope I get this job at the airport. Last resort, I'll apply at a fast food place... very very last resort. My story is about a serial killer and the killer's relation to my main character and her aunt. Yeah... hopefully I can pull off what I plan to with it. Monday, I'm going to do some research at the police station. I have to ask about something. I only hope I can get some answers.
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My friend put a picture up of her newborn's feet. LOL!! ^+^ Oh... I heard on the news last night that they've arrested over 400 taggers just because of MySpace. It seems that the taggers decided to be stupid and post their handy work on MySpace. Heh.. that gave me a laugh. There is some funny news. Heh. They also mention this 13 year-old boy who tried to kill his granddad 3 times just because he didn't want to live with him anymore. I think that was on O'ahu. Maybe a different one. I'm not sure.
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Monday, January 22, 2007

   Oh my.
There was a hit-and-run today. I think it happened when I left to go to the library. Well, from what I heard the lady was riding her moped down a one-way street and got hit by a car. When I got to the begining of Chinatown, I saw the firetruck trying to get by. The accident happened at the halfway mark between where I stay and the library. I only know what happened because of hearsay, but there was a lot of blood. The lady was okay, but hurt none-the-less. I got there after they had put her on a gurney, but before they moved her into the shade. The accident happend sometime before 11, I think. The guy I talked to said he was there 10 minutes before me, but didn't see what happened. Well, I watched the firemen clean up the blood with some powder-like stuff... or maybe some kind of salt. Yeah... I was maybe there for a half an hour... at the most, that is. Yeah.. kinda cruel to say, but I think I got an idea for the begining of my book.
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Friday, January 19, 2007

   Did you know...
There was a boy in the 1800's who was assumed to of been raised by wolves. If you want to know more you could try and look up the wild boy of Averyon. Heh.. yeah. I read a little about this in a psychology book. This thing I read said that the only words the boy learned was lait(milk) and Oh Dieu (oh god). There seem to be other cases and stuff like that. Heh.. something interesting to look at. ^+^
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I have an interview for the airport Tuesday. There was a job fair the other day. There was even a FBI kiosk. LOL!! I'm to young to join. LOL!! Yeah... just thought I would share some stuff with y'all! ^+^
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

I guess I'm not done writing to y'all, LOL!! Well, there was a 7.9? earthquake in Japan yesterday, so Hawaii was put under a Tsunami warning which they cut off about 9 pm yesterday. Yeah... of course they said stay away from the beaches. LOL!!
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   To be honest
I like some of my drawings... just not all. Some of them I'm really disappointed in. Like, for example, I like my "wind" and my "looking down" ones... plus some more like "Kayden" ^+^ but I don't really like my "thoughtful", "mirror", and "all of me" 'course there's others too. ^+^ I really like my drawings I did on paint, though I didn't really try that hard with coloring them. Yup.
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... What to write about? I'm so bored!! I have nothing to do. I'm typing looking at the ceiling, fun yeah!! I can't wait 'til I'm done with my book. I decided to take the weekend off from my book wtiting. LOL!! My boredom really shows today, doesn't it? Heh... my mind's at a dead end right now. How sad! So much to write and all I do is procrastinate. And you know what else, I'm a writer who can't even spell. How about that for some messed stuff. Don't mind me, I'm just venting... I don't get to do that to often. I want to get in the habit of typing again. OH!!! I'm going to rewrite that one short story I wrote way back when... you know, about the ghost. Maybe I could get that published in a little magizine. Heh... ^+^ That'll help me in the future too! If I do decide to do that, I'll tell you what magazine it is in... that is if I do get it in and not procrastinate. ^+^ Heh... yup. As y'all all know, I have way too much free time on my hands. LOL!! *sighs* I think I'm done ranting for the day... maybe. ^+^
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Friday, January 12, 2007

Maybe I should work on my quote questions again. ^+^ I'll do it the next time I watch an anime. ^+^ Yeah... I'll watch that one and get it from there!! ^+^
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