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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh no!
Shanny turned off her account. T.T
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Getting closer
I'm working on a short story and it's slowly getting done. I'm going to have to borrow some money for it though. ^+^ Can't wait 'til it's done. ^+^
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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Heh... when I get a good chunk of my novel done, I'll send some of it to Murdaland, which is a new magazine that take a look at murder and crime. In the submission area they pretty much said that the stories they want is a lot like the book I'm writing. ^+^ I saw the magazine yesterday... or was it the day before? That was the first issue. I would've read it but I got too cold. ^+^;;; Heh. Yeah.
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   Que Sera Sera!!
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Magazine contest
Ok, I have 'til the end of March to come up with a 2000 word ghost story. ^+^ I'm going to enter the contest. Hopefully. ^+^ Yeah... I got a vague idea already. It'll probably turn out to be a comedy with me writing it. Yeah... it doesn't say if you can use a personal check or not. Hmmm... you would think they would put that in somewhere. ^+^ Scratch that, they do. ^+^ Well, one of the characters in this story will be at the begining of my novel. Her name is Iris Willis. In my novel, she finds the first body, in the short, she'll be one of the main characters. ^+^
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Friday, February 2, 2007

   Let's see here
What could I use in a short story? What should it be about? Hmmm... I'll have something about the TV watch remote thing somewhere in one of my stories. ^+^ I don't know not a damn thing. I'm starting to get a headache. I think too much. Heh... time's almost up. By the next post, I'd've started on my short. Hopefully. Oh... do y'all think I'm a pessimist, an opitimist, or a realist, none, or all?
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Heh.. I borrowed a magic book from one of the libraries. I did only about three because of lack of items. Like this one that involves a dollar bill and two paperclips, another where you make a know in a rope, or in my case headphones, without letting go of the ends, and a few that had to do with rubberbands. Yeah, if I knew where I put my cards, I would try some of the card tricks they had in the book. I want to try this one that I saw.. this one is more to make people laugh than anything else. Heh... when I get off the computer I'm going to go look up some more magic books. ^+^ You know, I've read this mystery book where the killer was a magician. Heh... and he was a jack-of-all-trades in the industry. Yeah.. I'm bored, can you tell. Oh... if y'all have any ideas for my book, don't be afraid to mention them. ^+^ I could use all the help I could get. ^+^ Even if it's just a character's name. ^+^
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That would be a good name for a book. Hmm... maybe that'll be my next book after Spitfire. ^+^ Oh... I'll give you info on my book status if y'all want... you know, like what chapter I'm on and the likes. I'm going to try and write some short stories as well. I'll try and post them on this site first and get y'all's opinion. If I get more good comments than bad, then I'll send them to some sort of magazine or something. ^+^
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My life is awful, and I'm not saying that. Sure, I know mine could get worse. But not by much. Yeah... I just feel like saying something. ^+^;;;
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Thursday, February 1, 2007

   Soapbox, anyone?
When I got to the station the other day, yeah. The guy I talked to talked about everthing else except what I had asked him. He was saying that he was supervisor and so-forth. He was also saying it wasn't one person that solved a case, it was everybody. Heh... yeah. He also started to talk about movies and health. All the time avoiding my question. I didn't even get to really talk. And to make matters worse, he was talking to me like I was some inexperience kid. I'm 20 years-old. Yesh. Damn, I just wanted to shut him up. Eventually I did escape. LOL!! While he was talking to me, a lady came in and he didn't even notice. If he did, I would've escaped a lot earlier than I did. LOL!!
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