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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

   SF Part6 :Uncut Version:
Bowser is the originater of this FanFict, if any one tell you any different they’re telling you dead wrong.

SFA P6 :Uncut Version:

“Come on people, rise and shine!” Katt yelled from in the living room. Wolf got up and ran into a wall. “Do you always do that?” Sam said coming out of his room. “What can I say, the wall loves me.” Wolf said jokingly. “Or is it you love the wall? Cause I never see it run into you.” Sam replied. Star laughed. Sam walked down the stairs first with his retractable pole on his back. “Let me guess, you’ve become pretty good with that pole?” Falco said challenging Sam. “Want to see how good I am?” Sam said making the pole extend. “Sure.” Falco said as he made his pole extend. They went into the training room. “Ready?” Falco said getting into his fighting stance. Everybody on the Starfox crew started to look. The Cornerian army heard about it and started to look on the screen. “Yep.” Sam replied as he got into his fighting stance. Sam jumped in the air and so did Falco. Falco and Sam’s pole hitting together constantly as Sam kept attacking. Falco was on the defensive mode, blocking everything Sam gave to him. Sam soon jumped back and went in his fighting stance. Falco jumped off a wall aiming at Sam upside down. Falco consistently striking Sam pole while upside down. He soon landed and spun around and hit Sam pole again. “Come on Falco, your going easy on me. Give me your hardest!!” Sam shouted. “Gladly…” Falco said as his body was engulfed in flames. His pole was on fire and he begin to spread fire everywhere. “What is that attack?” Sam said as he started to panic. “Don’t panic, Sam. It’s really simple to dodge if you stay focus.” Falco said as his voice started to echo. “How, how am I suppose to dodge this?!?” Sam shouted back. “Focus Sam.” Falco said he launched towards Sam. Sam didn’t move, and it didn’t look like Falco was going to stop. Fox just watched as Falco charged towards Sam. “Don’t you think Falco is going a little too hard? Because he’s gonna beat the stuffing out of him!” Star asked Fox. Fox didn’t answer he just watched it. Falco started to slow down just to go a little easy on him. Sam stood there puzzled as to what to do. Finally Falco stopped and the fire around him was gone. “What were you thinking about Sam?” Falco said. “If I was to keep going, you would probably be somewhere in side a wall or dead, focus. You have a lot more training to be done, but you can’t expect answers in every situation, you sometimes have to do your own thinking. Unlike me, bad guys won’t stop their attack. They probably will go even faster than I did, and they won’t stop at anything. Falco ended. “Sorry, I failed.” Sam said in a low tone and then he looked away. “Sam, you didn’t fail, you just didn’t didn't focus. Trust your instincts Sam that will save you from death itself. Don’t take too much time to think, if you got an idea, just do it. You feel better when you come out with no arm rather then to be dead.” Falco said at that he left. “Katt where in the world are you?” Falco asked. “I’m at the door sweety.” Katt replied.” “Well I got to go see about Marissa.” Sam said getting up and then he left. 10 Minutes later he was in front of Marissa door. He went ahead and knocked on the door, and surprisingly it wasn’t Marissa, nor her parents, it was Marissa little sister. Then Marissa came up from behind her. “So let me guess, is this your little sister?” Sam asked Marissa. “Yes.” Marissa said picking up her sister. “You know, you didn’t tell me that you had a little sister.” Sam said. “I know, I forgot.” Marissa answered. “What’s her name?” Sam asked. “Malissa.” Marissa said. “Nice name. Well I came by to see how you and your family was doing and was wondering if you would like to go to the track and field with me at twelve?” Sam asked. “I would love to.” Marissa replied. Her little sister looking at Sam and then looking back at Marissa, she done this a couple of times, then she done it some more until she started to speak. “MARISSA HAS A DATE!!!” Malissa shouted as she went back to her room. “Got to go Sam.” Marissa said as she begins to chase Malissa. Sam noticed they forgot to close the door so he closes it for them. Falco was at the bar by Katt, of course, drinking and talking with Katt. He noticed these strange looking Fox’s. They were all bloody red in appearance, they all had eye patches on there left eye. “You know Falco; people say that when you look at them for a long time they become some unknown powerful beast.” One of the red wolves came over to Katt. “Hey babe, why don’t you kick it with me, you’ll have a good time in bed with me instead of bird boy?” He said. “What’s your name?” Katt said in a girlish way. Falco knew she wasn’t flirting with him, somehow. “My name is TK’OL.” He replied. “Well look TK’OL; I don’t like you, your name, how you look, or your little hoodlums over there so go away.” Katt said angry, and then she looked back to Falco. As soon as she looked to Falco, TK’OL launched a punch towards her, but Falco stopped his fist. “We don’t want you getting hurt, get my drift suck’a?” Falco said slyly. TK’OL grabbed Falco’s arm and threw him into a wall. “Anything else you want to say smart little girl flock?” TK’OL said grinning getting closer and closer to Katt. “You’ve done the wrong thing, TK’OL.” Katt said grinning back. TK’OL soon grabbed her arm and put her on the floor. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU PERVERT?!?!?!” Katt shouted as she tried to pull away. “I think you know, I am so gonna enjoy this…” TK’OL replied. Falco, who was still in the rubble, he heard her shouting and pulling away from him. Anger took over him, his mind and actions, and then he busted out the rubble quickly. He slid his sunglasses down. “Well if it isn’t 2way bird boy?” TK’OL said. But Katt noticed something different. His eyes were red; you could see it inside his glasses. Falco threw a bar glass and hit TK’OL right in the eye, causing it to bleed. Other people were watching and they were surprised at what was about to happen. Falco grabbed Katt and helped her up. “Falco, what’s going on? What is up with you?” Katt asked. TK’OL struggled back up and walked back to his teammates. “Let’s get that gay egg.” TK’OL said. Falco got into his fighting stance. Then TK’OL team launched at him but he disappeared. They were looking around and he was standing at the other end of the bar charging at them he jumped and they followed him. He grabbed one of his teammates and threw him back down to the floor, punching him repeatedly, so much that he began to bleed through his mouth. He took out his retractable pole and started smacking them with it, Hitting them in the eye, nose, nuts, guts, stomach, neck, back, and lips. They all landed and one tried to come up behind Falco, but Falco elbowed him in the face causing a gush of blood to gush out of his nose, then he punched another one in the face, knocking him out cold, and smacked two others with his pole. He jumped and did a spin kick to knock another one away. One tried to clip Falco, but he done a back flip to avoid it and ended up stepping on TK’OL. Falco just jumped off of him and kicked another one in the gut, punched him a few times until blood came out his stomach, then clipped him. Falco swung his pole furiously knocking then out one by one, breaking one of their necks. Finally he got to TK’OL. “What’s up with the weak gang? I only used half my strength and they still didn’t touch me. And as for you …” Falco cut himself off, and then Stabbed TK’OL in the shoulder making him fly through a wall and he flew out side, skidding across the ground. Falco soon calmed down, and his eyes were back to normal again. “Let’s get out of here before I have to kill some peoples Katt." Falco said in an exhausted voice. Katt looked at him for awhile then they teleported back to the base.

Outta Here!

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