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Monday, September 26, 2005

   Lonely Rap!
Mac: I dedicate this rap to Remy, its his thoughts about what recently happened.

Gone outta my life including new strife, only left a letter I should have known better to fall in love because love only leaves dead duves, and no love, that motherfaller left me without a good feel, on my knees I yeild, to god asked him for forgiveness, becayse I felt like I done somethin wrong, maybe thats why I cause I love to stone now I'm all alone bunk the phone.
There goes gravity causinng calmity on the slomp fanity, babay what did I do? where did it start? How did it happend? Feels like I've tooken many slappens, Baby baby baby don't do this, don't , don't cause this, please I'll get down on my knees just don't leave me, don't leave me be! you you you are the one I will love, but I love is no more like a dead dove! Only nature, The future is the future!

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