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Friday, September 9, 2005

   StreetFighter: Enter Ganondorf! Part1
Hadouken!, said Ryu, as he through the energyball at his opponent! You're tougher than I thought , said Ryu. The hadouken hit his enemy but hardly made an effect! Do you really think that stinkin ball is really some use? If so, you are sadly mistaken, said Ganondorf. With that he charged up an energyball of his own. DENJIIIIN...HADOUUUUKEN!, with that, Ryu shot the Super powered Hadouken at Ganondorf. Ganondorf on the other hand, Shot his too. The balls collided which made a seperation in the ground! By that time Yun had came...Next time Ryu, said Ganondorf and disappeared.

Who was he? asked Yun, I don't know but who ever he is hes very powerful so don't think of fighting him by yourself Yun, Ryu said.

Part2 will be posted Monday!

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