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Thursday, April 28, 2005

New game: Legends-Good and Bad!
Remy: I'm making a new game and its gonna have fighters from Nintendo to Soul Calibour!
Right now I have my attacks and others!

Remy Attacks: SilentMoon, RisingBlade, RL's? (i'm deciding between love and hate), MatrixKick, MegaPunch, The Final Slash!

Bowser Attacks: Fire Breath, Horn Head, KoopaGrip, SpinningSpike, BowserPound!

# of players: 1-4

2D: True

Sound: True

Quality: True

Hidden Characters: True

Secret Characters: True

Music: True

GameCube Plugins: True

ColorTV: True

Codes: True

Create own Character: False

Graphics: (Not yet decided)

Comming soon to GameCube and Internet!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   About raiders of the lost Ark...
Story Name: Raiders of the lost A.R.K.
Rating: PG 13
Containings: Violence, Romance, Comedy, Sadness.
Main Characters: Ganondorf, Bowser, Remy, Falco, Robin, Rose Lover, Starfire, Zelda, Katt, Jerry, monkey.
Summary: 5 adultz and and 4 teenz are out to search for this mysterious land, which is to have lots of wealth, along the way they make friends with two other compagnions,
will our nine scavengers reach thier goal, or will they fail trying?
Meaning of ARK: A=Awsome. R=Rich. K=Kingdom.
Author: Remy and Bowser.
Poster(s): Remy and Bowser.
Disclaimer: We do not own Robin, Starfire, Katt, Falco, Ganondorf, Zelda, Remy, RoseLover, or Bowser

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Raider of the lost ark!
Remy: Soon Me and Bowser will be righting a story called "Raiders of the lost Ark"!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

   Song: "Shes a DIME". By: RaymanJr. Featuring Remy!
RaymanJr: Daaang...
Remy: You see that girl?!
RaymanJr: Yo she got...

RaymanJr: ughn ughn ughn, pop me up now, gimme the mic, it goes like this....

Rayman: Me and muh thug was up in the mall, shipping and exchanging calls, everything going alright, the outside was bright. Though muh boy was flirting already, his skills couldn't keep steady, his face slinging like spaghetti, then I pulled up in the conver like a hungry Yetti! He was in the zone, like a switched dial tone, ready to have a phone! He said to him...

Pinky: Yo playa whats yo name?

RaymanJr: Then he just froze and made a poor excuse saying he gotta go buy his shoes, then she left, looking like a proud theft. I said yo we can't have this, its nothing but zap, matter of fact its bull-crap. Thats one fish too many thats gone, which is wrong. Yo we the national playas, and we girl slayas, while girls trying to play us, we scoop'em in our own little trickus, I know people say we slugus but hey that don't stop us!

Remy: Yo RJ look at her!
RaymanJr: Yo now shes a DIME!
Remy: Watch out its my time to ryhme!

Remy: I could tell she was one of them "Try harder" types. So I had to keep down muh hypes, I was like aight, I can do this.
She was a big shot, nice hips, good thighs, with green eyes, it was hard for me to realize, my eyes, was right.
Her face was like a shining gold vase, ready to get smoother by a true player, and girl slayer, tin tater, no faker, like a dude name Slater, people say my habits are dirty. But I'm pretty flirty, and skirty!

RaymanJr: and it was on!

Remy: I got her digits, and her address, now I'm ready for the ready for the next class!

Remy: I'm outty!
RaymanJr: Audioes!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

   Remy: The day I was waiting for is here!

Falco: Now I can test my fighting skill with Sagat and Guile!

Bowser: Hey who drunk my fruitPunch?!

Foxxso: uh sorry Bowser!

Bowser: FOXXSO!

Foxxso: *goes in another room*

Ganondorf: DARN CHEATERS!! *Losing on game*

Ganondorf: They never let me kick!

YoungLink: You kick with the "A" button. -.-

Ganondorf: Oh, I knew that!

YoungLink: sure, sure. -.-

Kurama: So Remy how are you and RL doing?

Remy: we're doing good, we're doing good!

Fox: Did anyone c my pen?

Remy: why?

Fox: So I can do paper work!

Remy: naw, man what you need to do is sit back relax and have a good time!

Fox: suppose you're right!

Seadolphine16: WoW this is cool I did Ryu's Haduken, look I did it again!

RoseLover: O.o

Remy: *staring at RL*

RoseLover: what?

Remy: wanna dance?

RoseLover: I would love too!

R&RL: *dancing together*

Yamchaa: Do we have any pizza?

Falco: Yeah its in the kitchen!

Yamchaa: Wow, Remy where did you get this house from?

Remy: I got it from my grandFather!

Yamchaa: Your GrndPa must have been a Pimp!

Remy: LOL!

Robin: Star wanna go out on the back balcony?

Starfire: yes Robin!

Iori: So this how it feels to be on the good side!

Clark: Names Clark!

Iori: Clark remember I already know you!

Clark: Oh, yeah.

Sweetlady: Uh, a little help over with the stereo!

Rayman Jr.: So whats up!

Sweetlady: Um, this midi won't play!

Rayman Jr.: See what ya do is, put dis code in right hur, den aftahwards ya press, the "EI" button and boom dere ya go!

Sweetlady: Uh, thnx!

Rayman Jr.: No prob, no prob!

Rose Lover: Remy wanna go see a movie clip?

Remy: yeah sure!

Bowser: Hey Ganon!

Ganondorf: What?

Bowser: I'll play ya in StreetFighter Flash?

Ganondorf: Deal!

Fox: *looking at pics*

Fox: Man, these guys have a long history!


TG: What happened?

Falco: I got beat by Seadolphine!


Seadolphine: YAY! ^.^

Yamchaa: Remy wanna go to the links?

Remy: Sorry Yamchaa, but I'm with Rose Lover!

Rose Lover: its ok you can go with your friend Remy!

Rose Lover: But when you come back its a dance with me, ok?

Remy: Gotcha!

Remy: Come on letz go Yamchaa!

Yamcha: Cool!

YoungLink: *drinking Jugz of milk*

Rinoa: WoW look at him go!

RedX: You can say that again.

Clark: Names Clark! *extends hand out to RedX*

RedX: The name is RedX!

Clark: I know I see it on your face!

RedX: whatevah

DumbDog: YAY we're having a dooky party! *doing stupid dance*

Kurama: Does he have a brain?

Fox: yes but it seems to me that it doesn't work!

Kurama: I agree!

Kur&Fox: LOL!


*everyone is now quite*

Ganondorf: Below are the rooms that you can go to!




StreetFighter Flash

StreetFighter 2: Ryu vs Sagat

Movie clips

Remy: This my combo video, I'm the doing my RisingBlade and my RL's Love!

Q's combo video!


Ryu's Theme

Ken's Theme

Chunli's Theme

Cammy's Theme

Guile's Theme

Balrog's Theme

Vega's Theme

DeeJay's Theme

Zangief's Theme

Ganondorf: You may now continue what you were doing!

Remy: RL are you ready to dance?

RoseLover: Indeed!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   One more day until the party!!
Remy: There is only one more day until the party beginz, I'm so excited I can't wait myself!

Ganondorf: Well you're gonna have to wait!

Remy: I know!

Ganondorf: Then why did you say you can't wait and you can wait?

Ganondorf: liar.

Remy: Ganondorf I was showing my excitment by saying that!

Ganondorf: Sure, sure.

Ganondorf: Remy I.......am your father!!


Ganondorf: Calm down boy, I was just kidding !

Remy: Oh ok, uuh....Ganondorf the audience is still in front of us....

Ganondorf: Crap!

Remy: Yeah, Anyway, just letting everyone know that the party is tomrrow....

Ganondorf: So be prepared for a barage of SF stuff coming your way!

Remy: YEP! So catch y'all later, I'm outty.

Ganondorf: PEACE!!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   The StreetFighter Party!
Remy: The SF party will be this Friday! So be ready to party and celebrate your StreetFighter spirit!
Anything you have to say Ganondorf?

Ganondorf: Only 1 thing....

Remy: and that is?

Ganondorf: Kick some butt on the games we post and visit all the sites because they are gonna be awsome!!

Remy: well you heard him, See if you got what it takes and also what you got to tackle down the fighting legends in the games we post! So Long, I'm out!

Ganondorf: PEACE!

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Maybe I should make a StreetFighter party, with sound clips, movie clips and pics, and games, also some links!
what do you guys think?

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

   This is Iori

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   This is K'

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