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Monday, June 25, 2007

hmmm. I'm back!

It's been at least a year, probably more, many of you have probably deleted me from your friends list and therefore won't see this update, and many more of you won't even care. But I'm back, maybe not for long, maybe forever, but I'm back.

A lot has happened since last I updated, I've finished school, got a job, watched a lot of movies, seen many episodes of Scrubs many times over, bought a lot of games, become a Guitar Hero, twice even. My internet speed has been bumped up an extra 200k and I've fried a modem already. I've heard a lot of music, played a lot of music, bought a lot of music and downloaded a lot more music.

I think I went to Japan in the time I've been gone, I bought a lot of stuff over there, I bought a lot of stuff over here as well, but it's just not as cool. I saw a lot of Japanese stuff, bought a lot of Japanese stuff, ate a lot of Japanese stuff, drank a lot of Japanese stuff, took a lot of photos of Japanese stuff. Funny thing is I barely talked Japanese :( oops. I drank some Japanese beer, too, don't tell...

I got very drunk on many occasions, once I nearly even killed myself and now I don't think I have the ability to drink rum :(

It's all happening in my life apparently, I guess I'll have to make some more posts in the coming days just so you can see how much I've actually done, if you even notice or care.

Til next time.

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