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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick say
Hello~~~ Just gonna be a quickie. I couldn't update the Brother Assassin manga cos my Photoshop trial has ended and my bro haven't given back my PS disc yet, so... I'm stuck with b&w manga that is sore to the eyes. And... the story line's a bit screwed up, that I need to add a few pages here and there to fix loopholes in the story. And plus, school, and my failing Physics... I gotta set my priorities straight. Gomennasai... -.-

Sorry pic... :D *sweatdrop*
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Thank you for reading my post even the eyes spasm post, lol. I was frustrated cos my eyes are sore (little sleep+drawing+simming+typing+revising=sore eyes spasm)

Sorry if I couldn't reply to your PMs and GB signs, ): I will reply to them soon, kay? :D

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Anxious. >.<

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