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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   Boys Suck
In elementary I was the tough girl who beat up boys.
You see, no one else wanted to stop their stupid ploys.
All the other girls would just point, giggle and hide.
There was like some absolute law that they all had to abide.
Things that they did just didn't make sense to me.

I never dreamt about becoming a princess.
Or going to balls and wearing fancy dresses.
I liked to run around and play in the dirt.
To me, it wasn't a good game unless it made you hurt.
No one liked me because to them I was weird.

They would tell me to be more like other girls.
Like I should wear skirts and put my hair up in curls.
'Cause as a girl, I shouldn't make boys want to flee.
Everyone forced me into what they thought I should be.
No one cared to see who I was.

This saddened me to the point where I didn't know what to do.
Yet they wondered why I was so blue.
Sure, I could be like those other girls and wear frills.
Prance around with glitter giving boys cheap thrills.
And for a short while, I did try to be like that.

The first boy to ask me out just touched my lips
The second only tried to get between my hips.
The third tried to control everything in my mind.
The fourth cheated on me for an easier behind.
I'm just not cut out to be like those other girls.

A long time ago I remember wanting to be like them.
But I didn't know they gave away themself for less than a gem.
I used to laugh, smile and dress a certain way just to fit in.
Though now I know better that it was only paper thin.
If this is what girls are then I'm obviously not one.

So the next time someone tells me, "You should be more like a girl."
I'll look them in the eyes and say, "Shut up before I make you hurl.
For I'm not a girl, I don't like boys and I don't care what you demand."
Maybe someday I'll find a man who can finally understand.
Because I won't settle for anything less than who I am.

~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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