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Friday, January 25, 2008

okay, so I'm in a GREAT mood, in fact I have been for the past 3 days. Wanna know why? of course you do! because I found out that in season two of Torchwood (on BBC America; its a british sci-fi) fucking JAMES MARSTERS is gonna be on!!! OMFG HE IS SO FUCKING HOT! I love him SOO much .. like, he is the only celebrity that I would actually go fan-girl on .. and I pride myself on the fact that if I meet a celebrity I don't act like a idiot .. but around HIM .. no .. I wouldn't be able to act normal .. I would have a freakout .. cuz hes so fucking GORGEOUS and he's a GREAT actor and I fell in-love with him on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and he's a awesome (in my oppinion) singer, and I can't wait to get his cd's Mad Brilliant, and Like A Waterfall ... so HE'S why I'm in a GREAT mood ... *dreamy sigh*
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~
I could totally talk about James Marsters forever and ever but I'm sure you dont want to hear about it so I'm stopping here ....

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Friday, January 11, 2008

   o so tired
I'm oh so tired right now, so I'll just tell u all a tiny little poem/story ... :
The Five Finalists ..
FIve little finalists waiting at the door, one fell into a hole and then there were four. Four little finalists, plain for all to see, one was dragged into the night and then there were three. Three little finalists made up this hearty crew, one was forced to walk the plank and then there were two. Two little finalists- one went on the run, screamed and tripped and broke a neck and then there was one. The last little finalists almost had it won, poor thing went insane and then there were none.
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve!! Can't really talk to anybody for a while, so happy new years, hope it goes good for you all, have fun, be safe and all that good stuff!
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm so f'ing tired right now, I could fall asleep at this computer (...zzZZzz..) okay, so I'm totally in pain since I had to get braces (a-FUCKING-gain) and so I couldn't sleep, and when I did I woke up in PAIN, so I'm tired, and hungry, and hurting, and I swear its worst (almost) than PMS (lol) .. okay so, yesterday, my AP World History teacher totally bitched at me for NO reason. I was like "woah, calm down there Godzilla, first off take a breath mint if your going to be THAT close to me when you speak, and secondly, you need to take some midol or something for that attitude of yours" I mean, we were doing homework, and I *was* reading something else, but then I was starting to ask one of my friends wtf the homework was all about (I'm not that smart) and she just comes right up to me and was telling me I was pissing her off, and that I shouldn't act like that if I want to bein a AP class, and all this other bs that I just basically ignored. Just to piss her off even more I put away my book and talked to Jaime and Alyssa for the rest of the 10(!) minutes we had in class. ha, this happens with all of my teachers, they all fucking hate me, lol. I g2g, later!
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I had to wake up at 5 this morning cuz my stepdad was supposed to take me to school. turns out my mom was going to drive both of us at the same time, so I got to zero hour at a later time then I would have liked, cuz we needed to drop him off first, and he doesn't like it at his work so he HAD to wait until the last FUCKING minute to walk in the door. I fucking HATE HIM. grrr -_- ... anywayz, hard college classes suck, and I need to get to class. Luv ya'll lots (haha I said ya'll)
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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Monday, November 19, 2007

omfg I'm sooo happy!!! I aced my Adv. Comp. finals with a 100%! also, I passed my Chemisty finals with a 80% and passed my Senior English finals with a 90%. I'm SOOO happy!!! wOOt!! I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so HAPPY!! I love you all (whoever reads my myo)
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

okay, so for the most part I forgot about myo .. I'm sorry ... but I was in xat.com all the time (haha) ... yea, so this trimester is almost over, which means exams .... oh goody ... sounds like fun right? riiight, w/e ... anywayz, I have to wake up at 5 am every tuesday and friday morning, and I HATE IT!! its so annoying! I seriously can't stand it ... I think I'm starting to go crazy because of it actually ... anywayz, me and Steve are still going out *smiles* .. and Max is still annoying as hell (if that is possible) ... and I'm sorta passing my classes (even though I seriously need to do perfect on everything to pass the rest of my classes, which kinda sucks, but oh well) ... anywayz, so I was watching Naruto on Saturday, and they gave the episode where (I'm sorry for my horrible spelling) Chogi dies, and I cried ... in the back of my head I was like "why am I crying? its only a tv show ..and its a cartoon!" but then I was like "its so sad!!!!!" ... yea, I'm pathetic ... lol! anywayz, ttfn, ttyl!
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~
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Monday, November 5, 2007

ugggghhhhhhh!!! FUCKING HOMEWORK!!! okay, I know its my fault, I fucked everything up since I didn't tell my teacher Ichanged my topic a the weekend it was due, but now I have a NO FUCKING CREDIT in my senior english A class ... and I'm FUCKED bc I'm at the library trying to do it all now, and I have to presnet it first thing in the morning. Thankfully I've got Miss. Goody-Two-Shoes Sarah helping me on this, which I shouldn't sound so mean right now, since she is saving my LIFE, quite litterally, since if I fail, then I'm being put behind and have to retake my senior year. So thank you Sarah, even though you don't know what myo is so you can't read this .. thank you .... oh woe is me, I still have to do my Chemistry homework, and hope to GOD that I don't also fail adv. comp. since I didn't turn in most of my flash cards, and the wicked bitch of the middle of nowhere doesn't take things in late ... ugh, rant to you later,
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm in a really bad mood today ... its Halloween but I can't hang out with my friends bc my step-dad decided that he doesn't want me to bc its not the ONE AND ONLY FUCKING PERSON HE MET. Hes only met one of my friends, and her name is Sarah. Sarah made too good of a impression on him bc shes in the girl scouts and gets good grades, so now Sarah is known as "the good girl". And since I'm not going to be hanging out with "the good girl" I'm not allowed to hang out with anybody. I hate it. He doesn't know if any of my friends are good or bad, but since its not Sarah, their automatically bad people. I woke up today in a really good mood, bc he SAID that I could, so I was just going to tell him that I wasn't coming home after school since I would be going home with JenaLee, but then he was all like "who said that you could go" and I was like "you" and he said "I didn't say you could go, I gave you a weird look and told you that my mother wouldn't ever let me go out on Halloween". so basically he's an ass, and I get to sit at home AGAIN for Halloween .. but seriously, I should be used to this, since its been happening to me for EVER. Plus, I've only ever went out for Halloween once in my life. So, w/e.
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~
I saw my real dad yesterday. he was at my orchestra concert for school. it really freaked me out.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OMG Happy Mole Day everybody!!! ok, for all of you non-science nerds out there, Mole Day is a day where you celebrate moles. In science there is a scientific notation for a 'mol' which is 6.02*10^23, so on Oct. 23 from 6.02am to 6.02pm you celebrate Mole Day! okay, I'm done being a nerd now, lol, back to being stupid (ha??) anywayz, I'm hungry, like always, but I can't eat anything until 3rd lunch (which is at friggen 12:51, grr) but luckly the only class I have to get through is the second part of computers and orchestra, which orchestra usually goes by pretty fast (even though we're practicing really hard cuz we have a concert next week Tuesday) .. anywayz, I g2g, laterz!
~*aka Charles*~
~*don't ask*~

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