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Hello Everyone! I am me...Anime is awsome and I don't see how we can live without it sometimes!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Well I haven't updated inforevers!! Alot has happened...I'm not going into detail about any of it...I'll put it all in a nutshell, I'm single(confused on who I like though), Got my ears pierced, enjoying summer, duno if I posted but I have a new dog named Fishy(shut up I like the name and don't care what you say lol). But if you wanna ask about it then feel free I guess just not rude comments...I've had enough of that...I just got home from my family's house and got my hair cut...but that's about it soooo hope you all are good I'll try to update this thing more and put a background on...Ta for now!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life sucks you know? I'm sick...and plus there are other things going on that is just ruining my life and it's horrid I thought I would truely be happy for once but eh doesn't seem that way...life sucks then you die I guess...I haven't been on here forever I'm sorry it's just I never really feel like comin on here and posting lol I'm kinda lazy like that. Sorry but yeah how are all of you? I hope very good! I'm gunna go eat soup now cuz that's all my tummy can handle...so talk to you laters Ta for now!
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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Hey wow sorry it's been forever I don't really come on here much actually I do love anime and I love being friends with all of you it's just I'm so super busy I don't have time to update all the time and all the other stuff I'm soooo sorry!! I do care about all of you and this site it's just school is taking over!! But yeah I went to a homecoming last night actually my first homecoming cuz I go to a private school that only has banquets and not homecomings soo yeah it was pretty fun I enjoyed it!! So yeah how are you all what's new? Talk to you laters Ta for now!!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

   First day of school!
Hello all! it's been a while sense I last posted...I'm sorry I have been just really busy with getting stuff in b4 summer ended! and alas it finally came today was the first offical day of school yesterday was orientation cuz I was a "new student" not really...in a nutshell it's cuz I was homeschooled sense 2nd grade now I'm in 10th and so I have been going to the school sense 8th grade part time for choir and stuff but yeah...now I'm full time and it should be interesting...but how are you all? I hope good...how was your summer and if you have started school allready how is it so far? if not then hope it all goes well! talk to you laters bye for now!
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