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Saturday, November 6, 2004

   a year after...

as i've said earlier, yesterday was our (raijin-sama and i.) anniversary. it's been a year. ^_^ i didn't know it'll went this far. i thought, it'll just last for a month or two. but as you can all see, we manage to get here. ^_^ it was not an easy path. we manage to get by all the storms that crosses our path. through the helps and supports of a lot of our friends, we managed. ^_^

to be honest, at first, i was not very sure of this. i was not very much prepared. my brain told me not to, it's not yet the time. i was still in the process of healing (my ex died.) and at the same time confusion of my feelings. but my heart told me to just go for it. then...when things were falling into pieces, something happened. again, i got confused. my cousin Edna helped me out. she told me, just for once, 17 years of my life, i should be happy. i should not sacrifice. it's enough. it's about time that i have my own happiness and i should decide for myself and not for anybody else. back then, i didn't see my happy-go-lucky and bubbly cousin. the one i saw, was an older sister who guided and gave me advice. if not for her, this relationship should have ended even before it started. they told me, a lot of my closest friends told me, i'm like a martyr. i give way to others even if it'll make me happy. i gave away my happiness just to make other people happy. lolz. some told me, i'm so kind and nice that i'm so stupid. oh well. then...it happened. we're here. although there comes a time that we almost break up. yeah yeah. i know. the problem was on me. i was such a brat. i was just lucky, raijin-sama got a long patience. even my parents gave up to my stubbornness. even if i'm so unreasonable at times, he's still there. even if i sometimes neglected him, he's still there. there's no one in this world that can equal him. i know, deep inside me, if something happen, i know, he'll be the first one who will come to my aid.

but hey, it's not only me. he's sometimes at fault too. he's being paranoid and possessive at times but i know, it's for my own good. ^_^ even if that's the case, i still accept and love him. i love him not just because of his good qualities and good side but the whole him. ^_^ i love him for who he is and what he is.

i am happy. and i know, i'll still be happy in the next few years with raijin-sama. we love each other more as days passes. the love we felt for each other didn't decrease. who knows, 5-7 years from now, maybe...just maybe...we'll be posting about our wedding. lolz. =P

oh yeah. before i forgot. i wouldn't and i can't forget to thank those super super special friends of ours. ^_^ although i don't know if they can read this. XD first on my list...

Angelo or whom i used to call "Comrade". he's always, always there for me. he's just like raijin-sama in some ways. he can understand raijin-sama's feelings even if they're not that close. he gave me advices about 'guy thing', you know, stuffs like that. ^_^

next would be, Christina or my "Lil sis". when i'm down and i need someone who'll listen to me, she's there. even if she's not permitted to use the phone, she'll insist and just listen to my rant. she's not bias too. ^_^ even if i'm her friend, she wouldn't side on me. and...she can keep a secret, and i got that proven. ^_^

Mii-chan and Arashi-kun. they can understand and give advice regarding our misunderstandings because they are also a couple. ^_^

Siobski Cherry, Imouto Anne and Julie Dear. his 3 angels (lolz.) are on raijin-sama's side. ^_^ siobski always talked to us if there were misunderstanding. and those little things that she gave me and raijin-sama. ^_^ imouto anne told raijin-sama something about women. you know, a little knowledge about the weird mind of women. XD it's something only a girl can understand. ^_^ julie dear was and is always there for raijin-sama. whenever we got misunderstanding or LQ, she's there to listen. ^_^

mmm...who else? to you. you're reading this and your spending your time here. ^_^ thanks for dropping by and reading my long posts. hehe. ^_^
(f*ck. is this some kind of a game that i need to give credits? lolz.)

and...sorry for the grammatical errors. i'm a little sleepy already. ::yawn::

and again, sorry if i was absent here for almost a week. o_o; i was busy playing Fire Emblem. i just downloaded a rom, so sue me for playing a hacked game. XD~

i'll visit sites now. =P

oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAME AIMZ!!!! although i know she can't see this. ^_^;

ja ne~

me super duper over mega duper love raijin-sama!!!!! ::heart::

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