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Sunday, October 31, 2004


honestly, i'm not in the mood to post. o_o nothing much happened for this whole day. we're suppose to go to temple but as always, the plans changed. -.- chinese are like that. they don't usually go to cemetery. what i did the whole day was download MAR. oh btw, MAR is a manga. ^_^ i got a new idol!!! it's dorothy-sama!!!! at first, i didn't like her. she's such a flirt. but later on, i find her cool. she's not a nice girl, she's a psycho bitch!!! waaaaaaaiiiiii~ XD to be honest, i dreamed of becoming an assasin(watta dream!). but she's nice too, although not as nice as fuuko. =P she and nanashi-sama is a good pairing. XD they look good as couples. XD~ i hope they'll be. nyehahahaha. XD also, dorothy-sama reminds me of lina inverse of slayers. XD

i think Seraphi13-san and overhyper-chan need a welcome back. WELCOME BACK!!!!

oh yeah, thanks joen-chan for the greetings you send me via e-mail. XD

anywayz, i got to go. XD here's a greetings for all of you! =P i'll go visit sites now.

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

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