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Saturday, October 30, 2004

   A BANNER!!!

finally! i made myself a banner. it's not just me but raijin-sama too. ^_^

nothing much happened for this day because i was asleep the whole day. -.- i slept at around 10 am and i woke up around 10 pm, straight. -.-; when i woke up, my mom told me about the changes they made in our living room. she asked me to program the stupid tv. -.- it just got fixed yesterday and my dad did something to it that made the channels mixed up. >.> it was a pain in the ass. <.< i think, the buttons are screwed up. i got a hard time fixing it. -.- i didn't finish it, i just corrected some of the channels my mom usually watched. i ate then called raijin-sama. talked for a while then went online.

i downloaded MAR!!! another masterpiece of nobuyuki anzai-sama. it was cool!!! the protagonist reminds me of kaoru koganei of RnH aka FoR. XD then i decided to work on the banner. ^_^ and now, i'm typing this post. hehehe. i told yah, nothing interesting happened for this day.

oh yeah, before i forgot. thanks to those people who thought raijin-sama and i are cute couple. XD i really appreciate the nice thoughts! i love you all!!! *hugz*

i'll go check out sites now. i can see many have updated. XD

ja ne~

me loves raijin-sama! ^__^

take a peek!! something to get gagah with! w00t~ i wonder who's that girl with pink hair. mmm...

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