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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today was all drama. Mannnn I'm pissed. Okay so there is this boy, he's my best friend. My other friend is like obssessed with him... She would do anything to go out with him. It's so annoying but yahh. She's liked my friend fer a l0ng time. ~Sighs~ But they are good friends and live near each other. It's not like he doesn't know. But he found out that she liked him (in September 2006) which was a long time ago. He said to me that he doesn't like her like day and never would. He also said that he wouldn't ask her out, everrrrrr. Which was a good thing. If anything like that happened, my friend (the girl) would tell EVERYONE. It's like she's braggin`. Then last wednesday, he asked her out. And all of my friends were like, "I don't have a crush on him but I don't want him to go out with her." Then two of my friends called him a two-faced. I was freakin` madd cuz I know that he wasn't a two-face and I know something was behind all this because he said he would never ask her out. "I got me a girl" Quoting himself, but it's not true. ~Laughs~ Then after wednesday, he was sick and he just came back today... -__~ So me and my other best friend were like to him, "Why did you go out with her?" He said, "Don't tell anyone okay?" We agreed. Then he said, "Her brother would beat me up if I don't go out with her. He holded up his pocket knife." Oh my godd. >:O That pissed me off soo much. But his 'girlfriend' didn't know about it. I'm telling you guys since none of you know me personally except 9.tailed:Neko. But she knows already. ^_^ My friends made it seem like it's his fault. >_< Then everyone found out about it cuz someone blabbed it out. Full of drama right? This is the most dramatic day ever, for a long time. Anyways, as demon dragon said, BRING ON THE RANDOM QUESTIONS!!!!:

[1] Ever had a day just like my day today?
[2] Do you think my friend deserved to be threatened? (I don't. -___-)
[3] When was the last time you were late to school? o.O
[4] Did you check out my Sasuke wallpaper?
[5] Are you nice to the people, even if you hate them so much?
[6] Am I taking too long to finish my FreeWebs? Since I haven't gone on it since 2 days ago. Aha.

Peace, Love, and Stuff.`<3


P.S. 9.tailed:Neko, answer the questions!!!!!! BAKA NEKO!!! ^___^

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