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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm real happy right now. ^_^ Last night I submitted a Sasuke wallpaper since I have all the Team 7 except Sasuke so all the Sasuke obssess people can go check it out! I really put time into this wallpaper and I like it alot. It's not like my other wallpapers where I just through some random designs on it and add a picture and some text. In this wallpaper, I actually thought about what designs to put and what not. ;]

I have about... 4 homework to do, but I'm too lazy so I'm going to relax and go do it later. I'm not gonna have you answer questions today since I asked you everyday for the past couple of days... so yehh. ~Laughs~

Click Here to See Wallpaper

Peace, Love, and Stuff.


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